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  1. On 2/2/2019 at 12:51 AM, Susy Wilson said:

    We also traveled from Nogales to Lake Chapala just last month and stayed the first night in Novajoa and the second in Mazatlan and arriving at Lake Chapala on the afternoon of the 3rd day. It made a pretty easy drive each day with the drive from Mazatlan to Lakeside being the highlight of that trip. On our way back however we went to San Carlos and it was so absolutely beautiful we will definitely have to figure out how to make it one of our stops between Lake Chapala and Nogales. It is only about 5 hours south of Nogales however so that might not be optimal for most people especially if you are focused on arrival and not on the journey. If the journey is important make sure to check out San Carlos.....just amazingly gorgeous! White sand beaches and turquoise sea.....seriously stunning!

    Hi Suzy

    It's John.

    Did you stop at Mazatlan for the 1st night on your way back up or did you drive further north for your 1st night? 

    I would like to get to San Carlos without having to drive the 9 1/2 hrs from Mazatlan.

    Also will you be back before I leave on the 23rd so I can return the box ?


  2. 7 hours ago, Ferret said:

    I have a question. I realize that you're using a hotspot with your cell phone BUT do you have any information as to whether or not this works to increase the speed with a Telcel modem?

    I have not tried it with a modem but there should not be a problem at all. The Telcel service with the modem runs on the same principle as using my phone as a hotspot. As long as you have a Telcel internet plan you could use the modem that comes with it. I plan om bringing a modem down in Sept and I am sure it should work. 

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  3. Hola

     I thought I would update this post with some information that might be helpful to someone.

    I purchased a Panda Networks cellular signal booster which are made in Mexico. I did a lot of research and for ease and trying to keep it being purchased in the country I am a guest in I chose Panda Networks. It came from Queretaro and it came quickly.  It was $7200 pesos and well worth it. 

      Well I couldn't be happier. I live in San Nicols de Ibarra and  I was using my phone as a hotspot as well of course just regular day use with 3G and a download average of 2.0 upload .03. 

    I now have 4G and a download of 75-85 mbs and 12-15 mbs upload. I can stream with NO buffering at anytime during the day or night. I have it mounted on my 2nd story roof on a 4m pole.


      I hope this may help someone as information about how effective  cellular signal boosters are is very limited.




    Gris franja azul kit.jpg


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  4. I've searched this but the closest year that comes up is 2011

    When I go to check my Telcel Amigo ppd plan and put in the *133# it always text back that I have a 0$ balance as well as mins and data.  Example, I purchased the 500$ peso amount with 6000 mb plus a 6000 mb bonus. When I go to check my balance the next day it says 0$ on mb, phone and text

    Can someone help me get my head wrapped around this ?


  5. I came down through Nogales to Lakeside 1st week of January, my first time and with the great help of RickS and had absolutely no problems at all. 

     Being my first time I was a little surprised by how many toll booths there were and how many were manned by Mexican citizens and I mean locals not government employees. Just gave them a few pasos and on our way


  6. Hola

      Searched the site and couldn't find anything on this so I will ask.

    I have windows with hard water stains on them. They have been stained for 2 years. I have tried the water and vinegar solution, even with 0000 steal wool and it's not coming off.

     Do any of you very wise people know where I can find a product here that may work ? I have found some products on Amazon mx but I don't seem to be able to use my Amazon prime Canada for free shipping. The shipping is just about the cost of the product. 


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