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  1. 2 hours ago, RVGRINGO said:

    Those who err are prone to take their frustrations out on others, as is evident here. When advice is offered, it may not always be what they wanted to hear. That fact cannot be avoided. An adverse reaction may cause others to avoid trying to help in the future.  So be it......Mexico does have its rules, and we must live by them when we live in Mexico. That even includes leaving Mexico properly.

    What are you talking about Gringo ? If you are responding to my comment to Xena please reread it. His comment " . Or, you can just keep asking strangers on sites like this until you hear an answer you like. " was so unfair and rude as that is not what I am doing. 


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  2. 45 minutes ago, Xena said:

    If all you said was you would “possibly” need his help what reply did you expect? Anyway, there are other attorneys you may ask. Or, you can just keep asking strangers on sites like this until you hear an answer you like. It might even be correct. Best of luck. 

    Hey Xena

    No reason to be a smart ###. I would of liked something like " got your email and if you need help please contact me ". 

    Maybe that's to complicated for you to understand and if you can't answer a question without being a jerk then don't answer. 

    Read the rules of the board. 

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  3. I did send Spencer an email back in March with what had happened with the body shop saying that I would possibly need his help. No response at all. I used them to do all my temporary residence permit and Adunana in January but I guess that doesn't mean anything. 

    Any other suggestions ? 

  4. 1 hour ago, RickS said:

    Yes, if you were going to purchase a new vehicle while out of Mexico you should have turned in the old one upon exit. Definitely get in touch with Spencer BEFORE you try to come back in as you will have to 'jump through some hoops' with regards to the existing TIP. 

    I wasn't planning on getting a new car I had to get a new car. 

    A body shop in Riberas that was repairing a dent set my car on fire when grinding. It took from March 10th to May 12th before I could leave Lakeside. I had to threaten with going to the Presidente of Chapala before the shop would do anything. They wanted me to pay half. 

    When I got back to Canada I had a couple of electrical problems and when I took the cowling off it was not a new wiring harness but spliced together and extra wires loose. They said they put in a new wiring harness. I could not check before I left because I couldn't afford any further delays or my work status at home would of been lost. 

     All 3 mechanics I have been to all said to get rid of the car. 

    What to do 😞

  5. Hola

    I am in Canada right now and I am wondering how to proceed with my TIP when purchasing a new car.

    My TIP is good till January 4 2021 when I will get my temporary residence visa renewed. 

    When purchasing a vehicle here in Canada how does one get the current TIP linked to the new car ? 


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  6. 2 hours ago, RickS said:

    IF, when you got your Temporal you also went to Aduana and 'tied your TIP' to that Temporal as is required, then the TIP does NOT expire until your Temporal expires. 

    As always Rick you are a wealth of knowledge and super helpful !!!! I did not know that the TIP would be good till my visa expired.  I used Spencer's office to do all my temp resident visa and they did do the TIP.  I will still be turning it in because I won't be coming back down till December and my visa needs to be renewed by Jan 10 2021. 

      Now when I get my next one in December will the TIP only be good for 6 months ? I plan on getting a 4 year visa so I would think it would be only 6 months 


  7. On 4/2/2020 at 6:16 PM, oregontochapala said:

    Why pay a service fee when you can pay for free on the websites or apps, quickly and easily? CFE, Telmex, and Telcel all have easy to use sites. Use Chrome as your browser and they will translate to English for you.

    Yes but unfortunately is does not work with Canadian CC's 

  8. @ 08:50 Sunday March 22 I called the Nogales USA border crossing and talked to an agent there and Canadians travelling back to Canada from Mexico ARE allowed to cross the border. I told him I was just wintering here in Chapala and he said no issue to cross the border heading home to Canada.   


  9. 1 hour ago, stuphel said:

    We're off this morning to Saltillo, then on to Columbia bridge tomorrow.   Theory is that if they turn us back, we can return to Saltillo to stay over, then back here on Tuesday.

    We're hoping, as Canadians returning home, they'll let us through.  Not tourists, not leisure travel.   They are letting Canadians switch planes in the US, so here's hoping.  Our embassy thinks they will.

    We think we are probably, who knows, better off down here, but our health insurance will run out at the end of April, and insurers are not reinsuring travel insurance or not under the same conditions.  

    If anyone is ahead of us on this trip and can update us before we leave Saltillo in the morning, we'd appreciate it.  We'll do the same once we hit the border.  

    Hi stuphel

    If you can please keep us up to date on your travel.  I'm going to be following you in 2 weeks   Gracias

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  10. 2 hours ago, stuphel said:

    A couple of updates:  I called the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City and the person I spoke to said I should get official information from the US Embassy but that it's Canada's understanding that we can enter US territory if we are on our way home.   I tried the US Embassy, who patched me through to Border Control, who did not answer the number I was patched to.  

    Articles I'm reading seem to be focussing  on leisure and tourism as examples of 'non-essential' business.   Also, the regs that will define some of the terms the agreement between the US and Mexico are using are not set to come out until Tuesday.   

    With these things in mind, and unless we get different information, we're going to try to cross the Mexican border on Monday mid-day. 

    Those findings are the same as being given to me by people at home.

    I'm sure you/we will be fine. 

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  11. 13 hours ago, gringohombre said:

    These things are stupid anyway!!! Just a way to avoid common English language. My biggest beef nowadays is young folks using text instead of THE PHONE...one of the best inventions of mankind, where you can use your own voice including inflection and drama has been reduced to 28 characters and those thingies...how sad!!!

    I see the past and future are at conflict here 

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  12. 21 hours ago, stuphel said:

    Thanks for the info Oatsie. Are your friends US citizens  or Canadians?JGiff if you cross into us before Sunday please let us on this board know?  I will do the same when I find out what happens to us when we try to cross on Monday.

    Hola stuphel

    Unfortunately I won't be able to cross till probably the 1st week of April or maybe the 2nd due to vehicle problems. 

     I would like to go now and my boss back in Canada would love it as well. I am an infection control officer in the health sector ,semi retired , and because of that I am not anticipating any problems. I know it won't be entering Canada and from what I know so far it should get me into the US. 

    Please let me know how you make out


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