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  1. That's good to hear. That's where I live and I'm heading home
  2. @ 8:50 March 22 I called the Nogales US border service and they said no problems for US and Canadian residents to cross
  3. I thought I would post that because there is a lot of misinformation right now all over the internet.
  4. @ 08:50 Sunday March 22 I called the Nogales USA border crossing and talked to an agent there and Canadians travelling back to Canada from Mexico ARE allowed to cross the border. I told him I was just wintering here in Chapala and he said no issue to cross the border heading home to Canada.
  5. Hi stuphel If you can please keep us up to date on your travel. I'm going to be following you in 2 weeks Gracias
  6. Those findings are the same as being given to me by people at home. I'm sure you/we will be fine.
  7. Hola stuphel Unfortunately I won't be able to cross till probably the 1st week of April or maybe the 2nd due to vehicle problems. I would like to go now and my boss back in Canada would love it as well. I am an infection control officer in the health sector ,semi retired , and because of that I am not anticipating any problems. I know it won't be entering Canada and from what I know so far it should get me into the US. Please let me know how you make out Gracias
  8. I am very sorry to hear that. He helped my a lot when I was still in Canada trying to figure out which way I was going to go with my TV viewing.
  9. I know it's early after the border announcement today BUT has anyone traveled across the Mex/US border on there way to Canada ? I can't find anything online. I know I can get into Canada but not sure about Mex/US border. TIA
  10. You are required to sign an agreement stating that you will self isolate.
  11. Hi Suzy It's John. Did you stop at Mazatlan for the 1st night on your way back up or did you drive further north for your 1st night? I would like to get to San Carlos without having to drive the 9 1/2 hrs from Mazatlan. Also will you be back before I leave on the 23rd so I can return the box ? Cheers
  12. After searching and trying a few VPN's I have found and tested StrongVPN.com and it works with Telus Optik TV. Might work with Shaw.
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