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  1. Panda Networks cellular signal booster. Telcel in San Nicolas went from 3G 3-4 down to 4G 80 down. Put it on the roof pointed to cell tower and boom. Done. Haven't gone down once. No need for 2 services like some people have because they loose Ilox or Telmex.
  2. Omg!!!! I posted this to help people. I really don't understand what you are so pissed off about. I can not climb ladders, I'm not rich and this helps not having to have 2 services like many do. I hired a Mexican friend to install this and paid him well as I do with with all the work I have him do. I said what I said as not to insinuate that people should do as me. Take some midol and talk to us after your period is over. No offense to the ladies
  3. I've posted this before and I really don't understand why people don't go this route. I live in San Nicolas where there is no internet service. Telmex does not have anything to my development and Telmex told their service in San Nicolas is not good. I had Tecel for my phone but it only was 3g with about 2-5 mb download so it was to slow for almost anything. I did a lot of research online and talking with others in the business. I bought a Panda Networks cellular signal booster for $250 US. It's for Telcel 3g &4g. There is an exterior antenna and interior antenna all the
  4. So you assume that all expats don't hire locals ? You know A local Mexican who has lost his business because of the statement you made. Well A is not a good measure of people loosing their job, although one is to many, so you can of course state what you want but a good argument would show more than one (A)
  5. You are always assuming that Expats don't need help. How about their employees that have families. I'll bet that their employees are Mexican. OH wait, they work for gringos so don't worry about them ? When gringos go broke their employees will be fine ?
  6. Thank you. I hope this works for me.
  7. I haven't seen anything about this when searching so I will ask. I'm sure it probably still can't be done but wonder if the MX Govt is allowing people to renew their TR visas from abroad because of the Covid situation. I know I'm reaching and dreaming. I wanted to drive down from Canada , I have 2 dogs and we all know we can't cross the Can/US border. I know I can fly but don't really want to rent a car for 4-5 months. Looked at trying to get a dual citizen to take my car into the USA but that would be breaking the rules and all the many other problems that would bring.
  8. I pay mine from Canada and have no problem when using the app. Paying with a Canadian CC but use my San Nicolas zip code
  9. Your welcome Bisbee Gal. I was tired of getting jumped on by the few jerks on this board that think they know it all. They should spend some time researching instead of being keyboard warriors insulting and being rude to others. It's so easy to be an asshole when you hide behind a keyboard.
  10. The company will spend the time and money to replace it. I was upfront with them.
  11. I emailed SAT/Aduana a week ago and they came back say YES you can cancel a TIP from abroad. The lady laid it out on how to do it. Step by step and it's very easy. I have attached a copy of the for you fill out. Then you send the form with the TIP including hologram, copy of passport, letter of extension of TIP, 1st year temp visa. Now there a 7 different categories that you can cancel a TIP under. In my case it is Vendido. Also she explained I will get my deposit back as long as it's before my TIP expiry date. For the doom and gloom guys you maybe might want to brush up on your knowle
  12. I also did research and the comments about this body shop were excellent. If you read my post correctly I said that the body work was great. Not so great was there response to the accident that happened. Didn't have a problem because they don't stipulate that you can not use a companies name. Lame
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