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  1. Hi All I am coming to Ajijic at the beginning of Sept and I have looked for a rental car at GDL. Would some be able to enlighten me on why when I search Expedia, Kayak, etc I get results that show $1-$3 a day for a rental car. What are they hiding in the extra costs and will the accept my car insurance from Canada for collision and such ? My insurance covers me for North America. Any info would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  2. Thanks all for the valuable information. I love the manana explanation. :)))
  3. Thank you very much Go Solar. I am glad to hear that..
  4. Hola I am new here and I am purchasing a place in San Nicolas de Ibarra . Does anyone know what the cellular service is like in that area ? I know it's a personal thing but who would you use in the area for a supplier. I am looking at having a MiFi that I can connect my electronics to, like I do when I travel to the USA. I'm from WC Canada. Do people use these there and if so is it expensive ? I have looked at some of AT&T's plans but not sure how good it is. I will only be part time in Mexico, 4-5 months, so I'm not sure how it would work for have hard wired internet/cable tv at the house. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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