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  1. The telescope we had wanted to bring was a StarBlast it's smallish scope wise but still too big and too fragile for the trip. We have since decided to let go of it also. Will try to buy later. The books have come down to just 4 medium post office boxes about 40 lbs each. We have contacted Alex Peterson, he is the most realistic route. Delta is our flight carrier, our check-ins will be close to 70lbs each, $130 for first check-in, $155 second, ~$200 third, dare not go for the fourth. Wish I had elite status but thats just day dreaming. Thanks all for all your help!! See you soon on the sunny side.
  2. Hi Guys and Ladies - Thanks for the helpful comments. We have sold/donated all our motors and kits to others and the local club. It is great to see the same kind of activities happening on the south of the border as well ( actually why not, the international event few years ago was in the old Soviet block so it is a small world. Wonder why it didn't occur to me to just Google it, guess the mental blinder I still have them on). I am sure we will be checking the local supplies and clubs once we get to your side. Thank you very much!
  3. Hi All - Thank you all very much for your thoughtful comments and suggestions. Yes we are going through the final stages of radical downsizing, from 1000+ books and 6+ Scopes and many other material things to now 90 lbs of books, no scopes, and hope to get to 3 suitcases each... we are trying the best to shed material things, really, not just trying to hang on to things. You all have been through and done that so my admiration to you all. I am contacting Alex Peterson and another, will be comparing airline shipping vis land shipping, and will for sure check out the FB site mentioned as well. Rebirthing is hard, but will be worth it. Thank you all again. Would love to hang out with some of you when we get through to your side. - Eva
  4. We will be newbies coming to Chapala in a few months. My husband is into model rocketry, Tripoli.org, NAR.org (the National Association of Rocketry), etc. Is this hobby known in Mexico? Are there folks in Mexico, and/or Guadalajara area, who share the same hobby? Are there past/practicing rocketeers here? Are model rockets allowed/legal to be brought into Mexico? If so, what might you advise us, ways to bring a small collection of these rocket kits in, within reasonable cost? Thank you very much. - Eve C (aka, Miles's Mom)
  5. My husband and I are moving to Chapala this October. (We are excited, and beyond nervous, but that's not the question to the kind folks here) We have some books, that we would very much like to have in Chapala. This is a small set after sorting through a lifetime collection. My husband has a smallish telescope, that he'd very much like to bring along. This is after sorting through nearly half a dozen. (I want to impress upon folks we have been doing downsizing like world champion style... not really just us wanting to hold on to material things... ) We will be flying in. The luggage fees are already horrendous, without the above. What might you advise us? Any smart ways to get these books and telescope to Chapala, with reasonable cost? Any past experience of yours? Thank you all very much! - Eve C (aka, Miles's Mom)
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