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  1. This is not just here or the US. This is worldwide. You might want to look at the average age worldwide. Think about the lower birthrates for the past 50 years? So what happens?
  2. Actually you are right! Only because they are smarter than the people who want to take care of us.
  3. You need to reread my post. Where was anything political inserted!
  4. The big difference is the people who led us thru the problem.
  5. He and MC do not seem to agree on a few things not just DT.
  6. Why are you even ta lking about this?
  7. Amazon started in the same general area. Must be the fresh air that produces such ingenuity.😂
  8. We will see what you say when your stash is depleted. And to think it is because we are over 60.
  9. Not acceptable! We have seen this crap before. Trust me THEY know who we are and where we are! THEY bet on us being ???????.
  10. Wow! I guess Donnie made it across the border before the masses could catch him! LOL!!!
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