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  1. Pedro where have you been you old fart?
  2. Is the black cartridge empty?
  3. I just wish they would not leave impossible to remove without taking the paint off of newly painted metal doors stickers. Aaaargh!!!
  4. Is the China Inn easy to find? Would like to try it.
  5. Water costs will raise substantially in the near future. It has been on the horizon for awhile!
  6. Works great! I monitor when my tank is being filled!
  7. Go to Home Services (that is where I got mine). They have remote gauges or Homedepot does.
  8. Perhaps the future will see bicycle rental kiosks opening at various section s of the path from Chapala to Jocotepec? Possibly furnished courtesy of the administration?
  9. Everyone from Chapala to Ajijic have the same questions 😕
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