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  1. I'll check it out. Thanks. I just tried Zoiper and it rings through with Callcentric but no ring sound or voice apparently. Something totally odd about this Telcel iteration of Huewei.
  2. I am trying to enable the native Android SIP client on this phone like I have others and every youtube video I see shows different Android setup screens than what Telcel has on their version of this phone. Missing is the Wifi "More ...." which gives the option to turn on wifi-calling for the Y5 that is not of Telcel issue. Also using the QuickShortCutMaker tool to launch hidden Phone setups, I have been able to configure a SIP client but it won't work because there seems not even a wifi calling option available, which should be available with Android 8, which is what the phone came with. Telcel bastardization of this release is also blocking the creation of shortcuts on the menus. Anyone tinkered with SIP on this beast and got it working or at minimum, the wifi calling feature? THANKS!
  3. (Asking for a friend not "up" on blogs and forums) Can the car I now own, originally sold in the US with VIN history records available on CarFax, nationalized for import into Mexico, resold to me by a used car dealership in Mexico, now plated (Guanajuato state) in Mexico in my name and with no copy of old US title but a legal bill of sale from Mexico car lot - can that car be taken to Texas and a Texas title obtained to register my car in Texas and if so by what steps? Thanks in advance. Other potentially relevant facts: I am US citizen who is Permiente in Mexico, I have a Laredo Postage mailing suite address. My boyfriend is a US citizen and Texas resident with TXDL and proof of Texas residency. My own bank address lists the Laredo address.
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