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  1. I'll check it out. Thanks. I just tried Zoiper and it rings through with Callcentric but no ring sound or voice apparently. Something totally odd about this Telcel iteration of Huewei.
  2. I am trying to enable the native Android SIP client on this phone like I have others and every youtube video I see shows different Android setup screens than what Telcel has on their version of this phone. Missing is the Wifi "More ...." which gives the option to turn on wifi-calling for the Y5 that is not of Telcel issue. Also using the QuickShortCutMaker tool to launch hidden Phone setups, I have been able to configure a SIP client but it won't work because there seems not even a wifi calling option available, which should be available with Android 8, which is what the phone came with.
  3. (Asking for a friend not "up" on blogs and forums) Can the car I now own, originally sold in the US with VIN history records available on CarFax, nationalized for import into Mexico, resold to me by a used car dealership in Mexico, now plated (Guanajuato state) in Mexico in my name and with no copy of old US title but a legal bill of sale from Mexico car lot - can that car be taken to Texas and a Texas title obtained to register my car in Texas and if so by what steps? Thanks in advance. Other potentially relevant facts: I am US citizen who is Permiente in Mexico, I have a Laredo
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