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  1. Hi Chillin, you posted back in 2014 that you knew of 3 clubs in PV that were forced to close because of excessive noise. Can you give me more info on them? We are in the Peninsula in PV and a beach club was opened in March right beneath our balcony . They’ve ignored repeated requests from us to turn down the volume even though they are way over the limit even for a commercial zone. After repeated attempts to reach them the inspectors are finally taking our calls and have approached the club twice this month to turn down the volume. But the folks at the City have told our building manager that they cannot do much until the City ratifies the new Jalisco State anti noise law that was passed in August. All municipalities had until April to adopt the law but he said PV would have it adopted in the next few weeks. Do you happen to know if this is the same law that was passed federally in 2014 ? It’s very confusing to me! Thanks for any help you can give .
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