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  1. Thanks. That was exactly where we thought the sound came from. I was afraid it was a gas explosion.
  2. Mine has been so spotty. Bet they gave you some of my speed!!!
  3. Has anyone heard of a halted real estate development in Jocotepec? I'm wondering if this is the one near the Raquet Club. Any infol appreciated.
  4. Yes. Just devastated to hear this news. He will not be replaced. An incredible talent and such a sweet guy. R.I.P. Jimmy. Guess they needed an incredible trumpeter at the pearly gates.
  5. There was a third accident between Ajijic and San juan Cosala around 7 p.m. Nov. 22--A Water truck crashed into something and was standing diagonally across the road. We were held up for a long time going west out of Ajijic and the ambulance arrived as we were sitting and waiting for a long string of eastbound traffic to pass by on our side of the road. I couldn't tell if there was a car involved as well. We, too, had just come from Guad. on the libramiento. My first time experiencing the topes which seemed excessive but perhaps that is what is needed. They do afford more of a chance for people to exit the mall, at least. I wonder if a second light near Tio Sam's might help create a break in traffic before the mall, as most of the traffic from the mall wants to turn toward Ajijic rather than Chapala.
  6. I think the best hamburger is at the butcher shop next to Super Lake. I like to have them run it through the grinder again to make the grind finer. A friend swears by the hamburger in San Juan Cosala at Agustin's brother's butcher shop. Agustin owns Viva Mexico and the butcher shop is across the street. Two blocks west of the plaza. The price is good as well.
  7. I agree with all the comments. What a lovely, kind man. He was much in evidence for so many years, collecting for and supporting the Red Cross. I barely ever enter Super Lake without thinking of Charlie.
  8. Raining in Ajijic but no wind. Really heavy rain from 5 to 6:30.
  9. He was a dear man. He has just moved even farther away from us here in Mexico, a move he started a number of years ago when he moved back to Canada. I still have his hatband and some of the spices from their kitchen that they gave me when he and Cynthia broke up house here. They will both be missed in this world.
  10. Has anyone else received a paper from Dish network saying they want equipment back or there will be a 7200 pesos fine levied? I'm watching my across the street neighbor's house while they are gone and their gardener brought the sheet. It has another person's name on it other than theirs and the number to call is for Roberto Zepeda, but the number doesn't work. They have never used Dish and when they asked if they wanted the dish back many years ago, they said no. I'm wondering i this is a scam to get access to the property. The sheet also says they must pay a saldo of $502 pesos. May just be a mistake, but looks fishy to me.
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