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  1. Got it. The only I issue I may have is when I fly out of Mexico, my ticket has to match US passport, aren't they going to ask why name different on Mex passport?
  2. Thank you Jim. Next time I'm in Mexico I will consult with a Notary. Maybe they can draw up paperwork listing my US name and Mexican name as proof, just in case airport gives me a hard time. Of course I will carry both Passports.
  3. Thank you for your responses. Daisy, that would be Monterrey for me since that is my place of birth. bmh, that is great advice, you think I can to any Notario in Mexico?
  4. Before I explore the process in Mexico, I will just carry my Mexican birth certificate and my Mexican voters card, just in case Mexican officials and airline give me a hard time. I don't think US immigration would care since my US Passport and airline ticket will have the same name.
  5. Thank you Daisy. I know the process in the US. I'm looking for the process in Mexico. I've been in the US for most of my life, would prefer to legally change my name in Mexico. I heard that it's possible, that once the judge approves, a new birth certificate is issued with new name.
  6. I legally changed my name when I was a teenager and have lived in the US for most of my life. I am now 60. Therefore, I will have to change name on SS, naturalization certificate, passport, banks, credit cards, etc. I heard it's possible to change name in Mexico in the county of birth. I just thought maybe someone on the board would have some information on the process.
  7. Entering is not a problem. What about when I leave Mexico and Mexican Passport is different than airline ticket, which matches US passport. I guess I can just just show airlines both passports.
  8. I plan to, just thought maybe someone would know how long the process takes to legally change name in Mexico. I plan to permanently move to Mexico and would like to have both passports have the same name.Thanks to all that responded.
  9. Don't think I can use US Passport if I plan to stay in Mexico beyond 180 days. Therefore, I will use Mexican passport upon arrival, problem is my name is different, what do I do when I return to US?
  10. What about when I travel by air. I know I have to use US passport when I leave and enter US, what about when I enter and leave Mexico, Mexican passport does not match airline ticket. I've been using US passport with no problems because I don't stay beyond six months.
  11. I have a dual citizenship. When I became a US citizen over 30 years ago, I changed my first name. My US passport is now different than my Mexican passport. I know I have to go to Mexico (live in NYC) to legally change my name. Does anyone know how long it will take? I was born in Monterrey. Thank you.
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