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  1. She claims to use Shark -- the same fish and same recipe as she used at the Poutine Place. Tastes like shark to me.
  2. I spoke with a Telmex customer service person this past Tuesday, 09 July.. I live in Villa Nova. I have seen them working on the junction boxes in my neighborhood and know the goal is faster speeds using high density DSL lines(even the Telmex guy calls this "fiber" but I still believe DSL is correct). I asked if Villa Nova was ready to go for higher speed. Answer: YES. How fast? Answer: the basic package for $399 pesos now would deliver 10 down. OK, this is a big improvement because for the past four years my speed has consistently registered 5 down max. I asked can I get even faster? Answer: Speeds up to 50 down are possible with my existing copper land line connection, just pay more per month. I find this hard to believe but that is what I was told. To get >50 down to is a max 200 down is possible BUT would require that I pay Telmex to run a new high density DSL connection from the junction box to my home because my old copper line would not be adequate. All I need is the 10 down. I have run speed tests for four days. Telmex spoke the truth. My download speed is consistently 10 / double what I used to get / for no extra charge. My upload speed has tripled from a measly 1 up to consistently 3 up. Uploading pictures is way faster. Did I need a new modem? No. Mine is only two years old as indicated by the two (green) Ethernet connection ports. Thank you Telmex. No Ilox needed.
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