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  1. I’m looking for a shop that does very high quality digital color scanning in tabloid size (11” x 17”) and if they actually do digital color printing from these scans that would be a big plus. I have some printed color pieces that need to be scanned using the latest technology and as I said, high quality. Looking to have these color scans printed on quality coated paper card stock to mimic the originals. Cannot find a quality place here Lakeside so will travel to Guadalajara to have this done. If they speak English, that’s a BIG plus. Thank you so much for all suggestions! Mary
  2. Ride Offered...help drive, Share gas and tolls... I’m driving from Lake Chapala to Tucson sometime later this month. Looking for someone who needs a ride and can help drive (Honda Fit, 6 speed manual transmission), share gas and tolls. My car will be empty so you can bring luggage, boxes and a pet if needed. Probably take 3 days and 2 nights. Will stay at affordable places. Please email me at mwoods1052@gmail.com and include your phone number and best time to call. I’ll phone you for a chat. Thanks! Mary
  3. I know these posts are a few years old and hope someone sees it. I’m making that trip from Tucson to Lake Chapala, single woman with a dog. Don’t speak Spanish though I’ll learn what I need to since I’m driving. Would love to hear from you, Thanks, Mary. mwoods1052@gmail.com
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