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  1. Interesting, such Negative Nancy Grammar Nazis. Xena that was in response to your own comment in which YOU were distinguishing a difference that I thought comical, "True improv is about “improvisation” not “improving.” If you read it with a light heart you might make notice of the true meaning and response to assist poor Mr. Chillin. Perhaps you would benefit from a course on "Context Clues" and "Positivity"? Regardless of an "e", there does appear to be quite a debate amongst the professionals. Perhaps, it should be considered a brief subject matter. I nominate Xena to inform the class. After all, we don't want to look stupid while taking a course meant to build our confidence now do we?
  2. No, that's what I meant. That was in response to someone else's comment. Perhaps they will also teach the difference between the words improv and improvisation...?
  3. Check to see if their ears and/or the pads between the toes are red. It could be a local grass or food allergy. I worked with a friend's dog that had that issue. Also adding omega 3 and to their diet helps with many skin problems and contributes to a shiny coat. When my lab mix was a puppy he did the same, took him to the vet, and they prescribed a super expensive gel to add to his food. I did some research and it was simply fish oil. You can simply buy the human version from the pharmacy and use a safety pin to break the capsule and add that to their food. Years later, a local woman here taught me how she makes her dog food and I haven't had a single problem since and everyone I've sold it to after says the same. So for my experience it's more about diet.
  4. Improv is most certainly the way to go. Being what most everyone would consider the "younger" generation I'll simply say I can see a clear distinction between the two and unfortunately I don't think that truly falls under the same category anymore. There's certainly a time and a place and I'm sure it would be delightfully funny but true improv is just that - improving. You certainly can't PLAN for that style, maybe they would be open to teaching the act of such style? If not, you might as well bring a watermelon and a sledgehammer in preparation for your routine... but it's a great idea to incorporate the "act" for lack of a better word... 😃
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