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  1. I found someone else. Jackie never answers phone or calls back. Must not need the business.
  2. Anyone ever use this service? Approximate annual premium for this service?
  3. I’ve read that Medicare covers emergency medical care here in Mexico. Does that apply to a permanente?
  4. Just great. Every time a new internet company comes to town, a whole new set of wires go up along with all the other internet companies. Pueblo Magicos do underground wires.
  5. Radisson, Pancho’s, La Pueblita and others remain unfinished. Water issues? Lack of funding?
  6. Any place out there replace car door speakers? TIA
  7. Bike lane looks complete but yet at night they are not using the new streetlights. It’s really dark driving on carretera on west side of Ajijic. I’ve walked home after dinner in the dark. When?
  8. Mens wedding ring lost. I’d like an exact duplicate made. Simple white gold band. Where would I go to find ring maker?
  9. Our little shitzu doesn’t like being alone. Need someone to occasionally be available to come over to babysit. Watch Netflix. Relax. So we can run errands. Go to Guadalajara for the day etc. No overnighted needed. Great job for Mexican teen.
  10. Need a good person to paint, install new sink, faucet and mirror. Maybe some accent tiles.
  11. So much to do in Guadalajara but hate the drive. Need a van and driver. I can put together 10 people. Baseball games. Soccer games. Sunday Flea Market. Bowling. Zoo. Aquarium. Want to join me. Share costs.
  12. If you are registered with SSA as living outside the US, the deposit is on the 3rd.
  13. Hi amigos!! need a slight neck adjustment here in Ajijic. Who do you recommend? TIA
  14. Or unsliced smoked ham. Found a turkey at Walmart for $40.00 US. Too expensive.
  15. Did he paint the inside also. I have some cabinets that are black inside and out. I’d like them light brown. I cannot see anything inside the black cabinets. Too dark.
  16. Hi We have a 6 kilo Shih Tzu. He barks if left alone and neighbor (gated community) complains so I need someone to come to our house and keep our baby company occasionally . For example: need to go to GDL for the day and cannot. Maybe an overnight stay occasionally or a day out. TIA
  17. Does ishop or anywhere else offer fax service? I need to fax a document. Thanks
  18. I pay cash. I check the order thoroughly. No need for refunds here. Order each week. Driver wears mask and brings change. Recommend!!
  19. Is there a place that will create a DVD from an old VHS? TIA
  20. I see a big circus tent at Tobolandia
  21. I see it now!! Senior moment. Thanks amigos!!
  22. The LCS website says to buy tix online but I don’t see them for sale there. Does anyone know how? TIA
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