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  1. Is there a place that will create a DVD from an old VHS? TIA
  2. I see a big circus tent at Tobolandia
  3. I see it now!! Senior moment. Thanks amigos!!
  4. The LCS website says to buy tix online but I don’t see them for sale there. Does anyone know how? TIA
  5. Thank you for all the great information says the scooter guy.
  6. Sunnydaze needs to mind his own business. He’s a pest to this board. In person he’s a piece of work too. Go home bitter gringo.
  7. You need to mind your own fuc@ing business.
  8. Brutal folks on this web board.
  9. Hi We have a 12 pound Shih Tzu dog that on occasion needs a babysitter for the day. It’s hard to take him everywhere. We enjoy day trips to GDL but are limited. Either my house or yours. Thanks
  10. Is there a place locally where I can donate used eyeglasses? Thank you.
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