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  1. Trying to avoid DELETED by MOD 5
  2. No time. No groceries to eat. Wander later.
  3. Where would one find a grocery store?
  4. Ripped my pants. Just need them mended. Anyone you recommend? thank you
  5. We’ve been living in Ajijic for a short time but we want to take a weekday trip on a luxury bus. Say a 4 - 6 hour bus ride. Not the beach. Too hot. Probably a colonial city. Any suggestions?
  6. My observations: 1. This board is a great resource but most posts seem to end with mean and nasty remarks. 2. Driving here has been fun. I call it organized chaos. Mexicans are so polite on the road. Every time I get cut off or someone doesn’t show courtesy, I look at it’s always a gringo. 3. Walking in the village. I enjoy the Buenos Dias I exchange with the Mexicans. But many gringos look down as we pass and don’t say a word. What is wrong with people.
  7. Compared to the other towns along the lake Ajijic is in desperate need of maintenance. The plaza is looking filthy and so is the malecon. Isn’t this village supposed to be the gem of the lake. It has seen better days. Maybe some of us expats should form a group to perform some maintenance.
  8. Looking for a US Notary to notarize two signatures on a document. It’s a grant deed for our house that is being sold in California. Willing to pay of course. Thank you.
  9. Where does one donate?
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