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  1. When our house closed in July we drove to the consulate in GDL. They have a US notary there that speaks English. Check their website. No appointment needed. Just be persistent at the entrance. Like all US government offices, no one knows anything. Be persistent. The notary is there. $50.00 US
  2. His most recent post says “if you email me I’m going to cancel your account”. Not a way to conduct business.
  3. Love tipping big for the sweet ladies that do my bagging.
  4. I recently subscribed to this service. Went to the gadget guys house for a presentation, bought the box and paid my monthly fee. What a piece of crap! The service supposedly had to be revamped which resulted in it hardly working. The Facebook group set up (Lakeside Stream) to ask for help and exchange tips has been nothing but the owner cursing at us (his customers) as we ask for help to get it to work. He belittles us and cries about being bothered. Do not do business with him. You will be sorry.
  5. We went and it must have been on their “off” day. Disappointed. The Chinese food at Soriana in Chapala is pretty good.
  6. It’s delicious and a great price. The French bakery isn’t that good. Frozen stuff thawed and cooked like their hash browns. Yuk.
  7. Being a residente temporal doesn’t allow Telcel to give me a contract. I’m on a prepaid month to month. Service should be the same I hope.
  8. I have major problems with my new Telcel service. I have the same problem as you. I can only text a few words at a time. Lengthy texts never arrive. Got a new debit card. Could not activate it because Telcel does not recognize 833 as a toll free number and won’t allow the call to go through. I have rentals and my tenants must be able to contact me. I now have to rely on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger as a back up. My cell is now totally unreliable. But hey, it only costs $15.00 US per month so I deal.
  9. Any feedback on this TV service? Is it too good to be true?
  10. Hi anyone know where Lakeside I need to go to get my iPhone 7 battery replaced? TIA
  11. Time to renew tags for 2020. My renewal notice asks that I send in proof of insurance and that I could not pay online. So I mailed a $345.00 check along with my Mexican proof of insurance. Are they going to request that I have auto insurance from the US? Even though I am a temporary resident and can keep my car here for 4 years? TIA
  12. Trying to avoid DELETED by MOD 5
  13. No time. No groceries to eat. Wander later.
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