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  1. Hi amigos!! need a slight neck adjustment here in Ajijic. Who do you recommend? TIA
  2. Or unsliced smoked ham. Found a turkey at Walmart for $40.00 US. Too expensive.
  3. Did he paint the inside also. I have some cabinets that are black inside and out. I’d like them light brown. I cannot see anything inside the black cabinets. Too dark.
  4. Hi We have a 6 kilo Shih Tzu. He barks if left alone and neighbor (gated community) complains so I need someone to come to our house and keep our baby company occasionally . For example: need to go to GDL for the day and cannot. Maybe an overnight stay occasionally or a day out. TIA
  5. Does ishop or anywhere else offer fax service? I need to fax a document. Thanks
  6. I pay cash. I check the order thoroughly. No need for refunds here. Order each week. Driver wears mask and brings change. Recommend!!
  7. Is there a place that will create a DVD from an old VHS? TIA
  8. I see a big circus tent at Tobolandia
  9. I see it now!! Senior moment. Thanks amigos!!
  10. The LCS website says to buy tix online but I don’t see them for sale there. Does anyone know how? TIA
  11. Thank you for all the great information says the scooter guy.
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