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  1. Driving by the plaza in Ajijic I have come across this woman who sells eggs and chorizo. Does anyone know her schedule. Does the tamale guy who sells at 6:30 In plaza sell 7 days or just weekends? TIA!!❤️
  2. Love it. Works perfectly for me. So easy.
  3. How scary is it driving a scooter. Got pic of it?
  4. Planning on acquiring a scooter soon. Wondering if there are any other scooter folks who ride, to share info, and maybe go on a ride.
  5. I guess I pay vacation pay if worker didn’t take vacation. I pay annual bonus. I pay IMSS and I pay employer taxes. You can’t pick and choose. All are legally required.
  6. So confused with all the various FB posts. What is due to employees on December 20th?? Which one?
  7. It does. I don’t know if I should ride it on freeway to come home.
  8. In case they don’t deliver, is there anyone who would transport scooter from Costco to Ajijic.
  9. Hi looking for someone to sleep at our house and take care of our 12lb Shih Tzu. Someone reliable. Pay daily rate. Sometimes for a night or two. Sometimes a week at a time. Thanks
  10. Going to open a Mexican bank account. Any recommendations?
  11. We pay our housekeeper 70.00 pesos per hour. We have her for 6 hours a week. I’ve been providing transportation so she doesn’t have to take the bus.
  12. Left side mirror damage on newer Honda CRV. Looking for recommendations for where to take car for repair Lakeside. Thank you.
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