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  1. Left side mirror damage on newer Honda CRV. Looking for recommendations for where to take car for repair Lakeside. Thank you.
  2. Where can I find these Lakeside??
  3. Looking for plain clay pots for seedlings. Not decorative. Not painted. Just plain clay pots.
  4. Looking for a refrigerator repair person who can come fix our Frig. TIA
  5. Hi what do folks do about social security. Do they electronically deposit to Mexican bank accounts? The bank fees (both US and Mexican) add up quickly for ATM withdrawals. Monthly wires cost too much. TIA
  6. Hi My wall unit blows nicely but the air isn’t cold. I can hear the roof unit running. Anyone know of a good service person to come over and get it to blow cold air? thank you.
  7. Hi Looking for used mini Frig that works of course. Thank You!
  8. I haven’t seen any construction workers in the abandoned multi level housing project in San Antonio east of Walmart on the lakeside. Did they run out of money. The old signs say all units sold. What’s up?
  9. Moved away from California in July 2019. I will file state and federal taxes since I lived and worked in California until then. Thinking about 2020. Haven’t lived in California. So next year (in 2021) I will only file federal taxes, not state of California taxes. What is your opinion on this?? TIA
  10. Hi amigos I’d like to open a bank account at a Mexican bank. Of course, low or no fees, favorable exchange rate etc. Any recommendations? TIA
  11. I’ve managed on my own so far with feedback from folks. Now I want a Mexican Driver license. Has anyone successfully obtained one here recently without the paid help of LCS or an attorney? Where? How? Docs needed? Cost? Thank you!!
  12. I am in my first year (6th month) of my temporal. I plan on renewing for 3 more before the 12th month. Do I have to go to airport to extend my TIP also. I also plan on driving back to California then return to Ajijic in a vacation.
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