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  1. Can anyone recommend a good mechanic lakeside for a tun e up and oil change?
  2. I believe it is already catching on. I'm still in the US, not retired yet. Plan on being retired and at Lakeside by November 1. Was going to retire earlier this year although my local US doctor kept making me wait for a knee replacement. Went back after much research and told him if he wasn't going to perform the replacement then I am having it done in GAD for about the same as my total out of pocket expense. Hmmm, all of a sudden, they got me in and had it replaced on July 8th. Recovering well, all household items sold or in storage, house for sale and have a place rented in Ajijic November 1 through January. My biggest fear is the American mentality, (a cancer) appears to be spreading into Mexico. I wish people would just chill and forget their past values and establish better values? Just a thought.
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