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  1. This sounds like a very good way to administer topics to me.
  2. Looks like you're right Ferret, even messages sent to their website go unanswered. They must be on ultra Mexican time.
  3. I noticed there are few postings here from 2019 and the chapter web site has none. Have people given up on the web board and abandoned their web site?
  4. I am planning on coming down to Lakeside for a year to try things out. People have told me the best time is after the snowbirds leave. Does that mean march, April, or May?
  5. As a person who spent 40 years in the computer industry, I agree. Tablets are better than phones and easier to transport than laptops. That's why I use both.
  6. How do their prices compare with the US?
  7. I am in need of a new computer or iPad. Is it better to purchase those in the states before moving down, or are the prices there worth the wait? Also, is there an availability problem getting these?
  8. This is what I received when I tried that link.............. 404. That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
  9. Are There any rec buildings in the area with pool tables? Looking for novice or semi serious players, not hustlers.
  10. Perhaps in Mexico. In the US, Ventos are ranked with the chinese, meaning not worth buying.
  11. I totally agree. I have riding since 1965 and have been in 2 accidents. Yes, road rash is more than annoying (4 months of changing bandages 2-3 times a day). Overall, I have been lucky and still enjoy riding.. Cobblestone streets are romantic but bad to walk or ride on. I currently ride a SYM (great Taiwanese brand) and know the Chinese brands are worthless. Thanks for your comment.
  12. Are there any motor scooter dealers in Lakeside? Anyone on this webbord ride one? I've ridden motorcycles most of my life and have now switched to a scooter. Would like to continue that past time in the Chapala area.
  13. I assume that is pesos not dollars
  14. What are the monthly fees for such a service? How long does a person wait to get a land line installed, or a new cell?
  15. What do you folks use to keep in touch with friends and family in the US? Internet-based systems like Skype, FaceTime etc. or does anyone use a cell phone with international capabilities, and if so are the expenses exorbitant?
  16. I am a vet. Thanks, I'll check out USAA
  17. Quiet is relative. I found it quiet in 2000. I'm not looking to be a recluse, I just want to avoid the touristy fiesta party experience.
  18. What is the best way to xfer money from the US? Should I open a mexican account, or will using a debit card from a US bank work? Naturally, I want to keep all fees (ATM, foreign transaction, usage etc.) as low as possible while getting a good exchange rate .
  19. Yes, many times in the 90's and early 2000. Most of it on the west coast but I did spent 2 days in Ajijic, but that was then. I know things have changed a lot since. I am now single and looking for a final move to a quiet, comfortable place.
  20. There is no reason to leave Minnesota in the Summer. The weather is great. I will be visiting for 2 weeks next Feb when our weather is not so great.
  21. Point taken on the emails. I have multiple emails for just that reason. I assume that means opening a new topic for each question area but I'll start it off with one here. I hear so much about the ideal climate of 73 annually but when I have checked over the past couple of weeks it shows highs in the 80's and 90's. Are you having a warmer than normal season?
  22. I am looking for someone to converse with regarding living at Lakeside. I'm a 75-year-old gentleman who would like to get the thoughts of folks ( both male and female ) , especially those in their first or second year of residency. I promise not to get too overwhelming with emails Sounds interesting?
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