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  1. Wheelchair - Never been used! Awesome chair. Never been sat in! Owner never had the opportunity to use it. "Active Xtreme" model. Lightweight. Cool fold back sides for unobstructed access! No more cramming your loved one into the chair like a sardine. Works as new of course ( Milage is 12 feet). Paid over 6700 pesos on Mercado libre. Asking 4700 pesos (225 USD). Get a new wheelchair and save 50 bucks! This is evidently a "sport" model (street reflectors and a sticker that says it's fast). Please obey all traffic laws and speed limits. Located at Brisas de Chapala, Brisas del Norte #7. PICK UP ONLY. Price is firm (it will go very fast). Don't miss out!
  2. My mom Linda Church is 80 years old. She lives in Brisas. She has been having some trouble lately with her health and living Lakeside in general. She accidentally lost her brown small leather purse at the Ice cream store next to Super lake (Gambinelli). She left it hanging on the bench. It included her ID, social, and Passport. If anyone happens to find it or hear of any information could you please contact me at 309-204-5637 or lifelonglearner@fastmail.com. Thank you.
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