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  1. Got a reply from this company that apparently does residential, they are backed by the Lloyds company from the UK: Thank you very much for contacting Armour Secure. Please send me your phone number and the best time to call you. For Title Insurance the information and requirements as applicable: • To insure an individual: 1. Application form completed and signed 2. A copy of the vesting deed (the last deed of the record) for the property to be insured 3. A copy of the proposed insured´s ID 4. Payment of the title search • To insure a Company: 1. Application form completed and signed 2. A copy of the vesting deed (the last deed of the record) for the property to be insured 3. A copy of the articles of incorporation of the company (or the equivalent) and a copy of the power of attorney 4. A copy of the ID of the legal representative of the company 5. Payment of the title search
  2. Makes sense about steering clear of property they are not willing to insure, I had contacted Steward last mth and got this reply: Good Morning, Thank you for contacting Stewart Mexico. Currently we are only insuring commercial transactions in Mexico and unfortunately we would not be able to provide our product or services. If you have any questions, please let me know. Kind Regards, Tanya M. Harris Paralegal
  3. I would arrange an auto transport company to deliver it to me in Tijuana, driving long distances isnt a great option for me, if i do check it out personally i wouldnt really know which things to look for, so a private mechanic would be best
  4. I found a car i wanted in Mexico City, i live several thousand miles away so i plan to hire a local mechanic in the area to check the vehicle out for me and verify that it hasnt been in an accident, i would also ensure that the title is legal and not fake or forged The car is at a Nissan dealer but its not a Nissan, its a 2018 with around 30,000 km I am used to pay for everything with a credit card for consumer protection as well as all the points i would get from a $20k purchase but mainly its for the protection The dealer said they will only accept a bank transfer and nothing else, my thoughts are: I have the vehicle checked out and the mechanic says its in great condition with no issues, but people make mistakes and the car could arrive in working order, but after driving it for a wk i notice a major issue or a hidden accident damage, with a bank transfer the car would pretty much be as is with no protections How have others experiences gone with buying used cars?
  5. Others have mentioned title insurance, you mention that title insurance is no guarantee Why is that? I would assume insurance is the best guarantee you have in protecting yourself I am definitely staying away from ejido land
  6. I found some land that i will be purchasing with a bank trust, i have an agent that is very helpful, i wanted to be extra careful as i have come across reports of people losing their homes with no recourse, heck i found this article which explains Walmart and other large corps were screwed by a land deal, im sure they had a team of lawyers http://www.ensenada.net/noticias/nota.php?id=38756 Apparently the child forged the signature of the parent and the parent took them to court in which the contract was found voided since the signature was forged In this article a person was selling land gotten through fraud for over a decade http://saidbetanzos.com/2018/05/21/aprehenden-a-defraudadora-de-villas-san-pedro-en-playas-de-rosarito/ so if some of them had attornies and the paperwork was so legit that they didnt even notice, do the buyers have any options? The seller is asking for a $5000 deposit, for the deposit and final payment is it advised to ONLY use escrow? I have looked into title insurance and some people say the coverages that it provides in Mexico are much less than in the US and that it may not protect you, if a distant relative comes asking for their property, you might have no recourse Most people recommend getting an attorney and i definitely will but so did Walmart and they still had issues and lost everything Is there anyway to buy land completely risk free in Mexico?
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