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  1. Tom. I have an Asus RT87-U and two Netgear X6S mesh extenders. The router needs to be in the office. About 5 feet outside the office, the speed drops from 64mbps to 32 mbps (house is thick concrete walls). I put one of the extenders in the living room and the same issue with the master bedroom I didn’t modify any settings on the ILox router, just used an Ethernet from LAN port to WAN on my router. Should I be doing something here when using an alternate router? I have experimented moving these around With no satisfying results any ideas are appreciated thanks
  2. I have the 75mbps service and generally have been pleased. I find that Netflix will buffer occasionally and this didn’t seem to happen really at all with Telmex when I was reaching 9mbps per second. Also, the Netflix artwork for movies and TV is slow to load. When I was living in Canada I had 25mbps and the artwork would load quickly. I have IPTV and it buffers regularly. When it does, I’ve done speed tests with fast.com and it’s anywhere between 35-70 mbps. This has me baffled and frustrated. I have a mesh router system so my Wifi signal strength tests show minimum 92%
  3. Does anyone know the email address of who I should contact at ilox for a public IP address?
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