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  1. We have a good friend that is skilled in: Stone Work Irrigation/Sprinklers Carpentry Home Maintenance Pepe: 332 560 4682
  2. Great Handyman. Totally bilingual. Lived in U.S. 24 years. Skilled at many things. Works on cars, body work and cleans them, also. Moving company. Hard working and honest. 331 768 8026
  3. A good friend of mine, totally fluent in english has his own business. Pick up truck with power washer mobile to come wash your car, clean your rugs or whatever you need. He also repairs car dents and scratches. He also does moving from one place to another. Hard worker and honest 331 768 8026 and also has "whats app". Handy man can do many things.
  4. sure i understand.....it was our realtor who is selling our house, and who works with a local Notario who told me about september being the discount month and the house not automatically passing to the other spouse without a will. I dont know if that is true but will ask when we go do the Will.
  5. thank you , yes we are planning this month. In case someone does not know, we were told that in Mexico if you own a home as a couple and have children as beneficieries . If one spouse passes, their half does not automatically pass to the other spouse. That half goes to the children. So it has to be spelled out in the will what you wish to do. We have our kids on our House title as beneficieries and thought that was enough. ......but its not.
  6. Jimenez Construction 331 048 5343 Awesome. Our dearest friends....honest...hard working.....built our first house....building our second....can do anything....builds from raw land....construction....electric...iron...plumbing....everything. Speaks english
  7. My good friend is Experienced in : Carpentry, Electrical, plumbing, automatic irrigation, washing machine repair Speaks very good english Jesus Nuno-332 558 4359
  8. yes, i have an online account and have looked all over it, but cannot find where i would decline.
  9. I read that 4 months before turning 65 we can decline Part B Medicare. I tried to go online. I read that they use to send a form in the mail that you must sign and return to decline. Maybe I have to go to Guadalajara to sign the form. Does anyone know about this. Thank you so very much. I did send an email to the Soc. Sec. office in GDL but have not heard anything.
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