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  1. This is just a public Thank you and lots of gratitude to the Riberas Pet Store and people like Sue who work tirelessly and have such a big heart for little innocent animals. I found a little street dog whose leg was broken. Doctor Hector will fix her and they will find a home for her. I would have taken her but already have 3 but my heart ached when i saw her. I just want to say that people like Sue make this world a much better place.....and our little town of Riberas is so blessed to have you in it !!!!! Thank you Sue.
  2. when i rode the bus, they told me the animals must be sedated. so i didnt take my dog. But yes we took a taxi across the border from Ojinaga into Presidio and she drove us to the bus station in the states
  3. Here are some of the quotes from different people: Ernesto Barron - very responsible, hard working, knowledgeable, perfect English (grew up in the US) - a really fine young man and an excellent gardener. 331-267-9364 Ernesto Barron has an excellent gardening service in Jocotepec, Ajijic, Chapala area. On time, communicative, perfect English, reasonable rates, comes as needed to our garden. Hard-working, honest and does excellent work. Has own truck and tools. 331-267-9364. I can't help with an apartment but I do want to highly recommend Ernesto - a good landscaper and a good guy! We have used Ernesto for I think 6 months now - he comes every Wednesday at 9am - always on time. We had a sod project we needed done and it was held up only due to the sod not coming in, but once it came in the job was completed - we also had a large garden area that needed stone and planting - project done on time. In our experience we have found him very reliable artsnob. Believe me if he were not we would get someone else. Sputnik recommend this gardener and I can't say enough about him. The name of his company is Barron Landscaping. Speaks perfect English, since he was raised in the USA, and does excellent work. Shows up when he says he is going to and owns a truck and his own equipment. I live in Joco and he willingly comes. You will not be dissapointed. His name is Ernesto Barron 331 267 9364 He is fantastic! Will post his info again. April, he is at our home currently diligently working. I do hope those in need of a gardener call him. Good question. He comes to us every 2 weeks now during the "rainy" season and will come once monthly during the dry season. You will find that his is comparable to others but his work is very good. Please give him a call and he will happily look at your space and give you a quote. Just a brief comment. I used Ernesto Barron to clean-up my small garden, and he did a fine job. He is hard working, arrives when he says he will, and his prices are reasonable for the quality of work. I will be using him in the future, and can recommend him highly.
  4. Our dear friend. Ernesto Barron TOTALLY Bilingual grew up in Kansas and his father Demetrio, who taught him. Many on this board use him and have given him rave reviews. Hard worker, reliable and dependable. Totally honest. Has his own truck and all equipment..I will go to some of the posts about him on this board and copy them to you. Thank you so very much for considering him. He can give many references: Barron's Landscaping 331 267 9364
  5. I have a great Mexican lady friend who actually enjoys cleaning and is looking for work. I trust her with my life. She is honest trustworthy, hardworking and reliable. She lives in Chapala, but would be willing to travel. She does not speak english but her son in law is fluent and could translate if need be. Piadad: 332 918 7969 Son in law, Ernesto: 331 267 9364
  6. a little store on the west side of the main street in Chapala. It starts with a "M" Merc......something. Ive been there many times. They have all sorts of sewing things. I think it is a black store. Just look for one that starts with an "M"....lol....sorry I cant be of any more help. I go to chapala about 3 times a day so next time Im there I will notice more details.
  7. Hello Apachewoman: I referred another person on this board and they hired him. He is realiable, honest and always so helpful. Totally bilingual as lived in the U.S many years. He always thinks ahead. For example we rode the bus from the states and got into Chapala late at night and were just going to take the bus to Riberas and walk the rest of the way. He contacted us and said no i will pick you up. Of course he is a great friend and didnt want to take any money, but he has a family and is working hard so we always make him take the money. So many times he thinks ahead. He knows Guadalajara also. Thank you for considering him. He is also a handyman, skilled in many areas. Miguel - 331 768 8026
  8. We have a great friend. Trustworthy, reliable honest. Totally bilingual. Also, handyman. Skilled at many things. Lived in states many years. Lives in Chapala. Has own transportation to get to your house then use your car. Miguel - 331 768 8026 I or he can give references
  9. Hello Guiness. I just got back from the states and saw your post. We have a marvelous Gardener who also knows about plants and constructing many fountains and many other things pertaining to gardens. He is totally bilingual and works with his father who taught him everything. They lived in the states many many years. They have their own truck and all the equipment. He is very very hard working and totally honest and reasonable. He comes highly recommended by many of the expats here and many here on this board have recommended him also. Here is his number and if you need references he can give them. Thanks so much for considering him. See below Barrons Landscaping 331 267 9364 Ernesto totally bilingual 871 509 5816 Demetrio Father - spanish and understands english
  10. Need any remodeling - Call Miguel 331 768 8026 Totally Bi-Lingual
  11. For 4 years regularly every 3 months we drove back and forth to the states taking care of a mother. We crossed 17 times. Tried all of them on the texas border. The result was always keeping to Del Rio, or Piedras Negras or our favorite is Presidio/Ojinaga, north of Del Rio. Many times the crossings were not even manned. We just drove on through. We NEVER NEVER NEVER go through Loredo. We tried it a few times at the beginning. Always stopped and checked. One Christmas waited almost 2 full days at the border.
  12. This woman is a good house cleaner - Has transportation Lorena - 332 560 4682
  13. Very Very honest and reliable man totally bilingual will shop and deliver and carry in your groceries to your home from any store Lakeside, at a reasonable price any day of the week. Very dear friend, call us if you want references. 332 055 6255 Also, delivers appliances or most anything. Will transport you, handyman. Has many many contacts. Knows cheapest services and can refer you to many things. Miguel - 331 768 8026
  14. Hello. Does anyone know of a Mexican that I can hire to help me get a Passport and Visitors visa for a minor to go to the U.S. I have done many things like this but this time I want to hire someone to help me. Thank you very much
  15. We have a very good reliable friend totally bilingual that has a business that does many things. He has a Power Washer. We have 10 rugs and it does a great job. He also does body work on cars, detailing, tile work, brick work. many other things Miguel, the Handyman - Has a silver pick up with equipment 331 768 8026
  16. How funny Tombo, i was going to recommend our very dear friends Ernesto Barron but i feel i recommend him too much and scrolled down and saw your post. He would be so encouraged by your kind words. Im going to tell him. thank you !!!
  17. Thank you MtnMama. Usually "mexican" rent prices are only found by word of mouth of mouth but i will do that. Thank you
  18. The money they earn goes to a pot. Then they get paid from that. If they go do work on the side, other jobs, they must pay the boss from that too. As the boss came to our house and waited in the street on friday when we paid our friend for his construction work. He had to pay the man from the money we paid him in order to keep his walmart job. Weve encouraged our 2 friends there to go to the management about it. They are afraid they will loose their jobs. So they dont speak up. And as you know jobs here are hard to come by......so they endure the bullying.
  19. yes, even on rainy days when few people want their cars washed, if a worker wants to go do another job to help his family for the day, he must pay the man in charge. Hopefully Walmart will do something about it.
  20. no many things in mexico dont make sense. There is alot of graft and dishonesty. By the way. The way this worker became a good friend. Four years ago we met him as we hired him to help build our house. He was highly recommended so we used him for many many things. He worked very hard, reliable, on time and work long hours. We came to be friends and love his whole family. So we know his work.
  21. yes, thank you that is wise advice. And I totally agree with you. This friend lived and worked in the states for many years. Has worked for years washing cars at walmart as it is a steady job. I will not name names but when his grandfather died in order to get off work to go to the funeral he had to pay the man in control $300mxn. When his baby was born 9 days ago and he had to be at the hospital to help his wife, he had to pay another $300. Another friend of ours who works there, had to pay $300 to be off for the day to go help his daughter in the hospital. The man in charge does not care about them. The workers put up with this because work is scarce and washing cars at Walmart, believe it or not is a coveted job. I have written the corporate office of Walmart in Mexico City. They respond quickly. The manager of This walmart is a good honest man. He just doesnt know what is going on. I say all this to just say we are helping our friend break away from this "control" .
  22. Kam. Thank you so much. I will tell him. He and his wife are like our kids. That is so nice of you. He was taken to the states as a baby. Never spent time in Mexico. Dad taught him landscaping. Just a good honest hard worker. Wanted to be legal. Never in any trouble at all. Hired a lawyer, saved his money, went to Juarez to apply and they said NO must stay in Mexico for 10 years. Brought his gringa wife here and is making a life for them and their 2 year old and another baby on the way. We love them. He does miss Chic fil A sandwiches though !!!! Thank you so much for your kind words.!!!!
  23. Hello. I know from time to time Local Mexicans read this blog. We have some mexican friends moving here from Durango. It is the parents of a good mexican friend coming to help his son, Ernesto Barron in his Landscaping business that is very busy as he is totally bilingual. And if you need a good landscaper (331 267 9364) The parents need an apartment for no more than $2000mxn. We know these prices exist as we have other mexican friends that have found them and many friends that pay no more than this. If any of you know of an apartment or house, can you please message me. I think you have to do it privately. Thank you so so much !!! or text me or call 332 055 6255
  24. We have a good friend that is skilled in: Stone Work Irrigation/Sprinklers Carpentry Home Maintenance Pepe: 332 560 4682
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