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  1. On 5/29/2022 at 6:28 AM, Zuli930 said:

    Wow everyone, there is a lot to process here. Thank you!

    yes, I think the kids going to a strictly Spanish-speaking school is ideal for us. I will look at Chapala center more closely. 

    Dicho, thank you for relaying your personal experiences. Were your kids able to participate in any clubs/sports/extracurriculars? 


    Most all of our friends are mexican in our church.  One friend just put her kids in Tae kwon do,,,,,spelled wrong sorry....3 days a week after school one hour for $400 pesos, $20US a month.  the other is in futball.  There are many activities offered, zumba, etc

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  2. yes, mom and pop stores are cheaper.  I go to them all the time and avoid Walmart unless there is one item i cannot get elsewhere.  All our mexican friends say the Oxxos are more expensive also.  One time we went to the new Vevero in riberas on the mountain side, got a quote for a 5 foot Tabachin tree, $2,800 !!!!! ($140 US)    Went down the road to another one,,,,same tree....$120 pesos ($6).....lol....better shop around.  Us, like many probably, when we first moved here we think the prices are pretty cheap, at least reasonable, then when you have friends with the locals, you realize how much you are paying through the nose!!!  Went to the "gringo" chopo lab...got a quote for 3 tests....then went to my lab in Chapala.....one third the price for the same 3 tests !!!

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  3. just finished last week taking two mexican friends in their 20's to joco.  Had to go early to get in line as they only take a few each day.  Open at 8am, we were there by 6:30, 3 already in line.  No appointment necessary.  They were told what documents they needed.  Had to return the next day....as we did very early, gave documents.  Then one week later we returned for the actual new card.  Yes it was for their 10 year renewal.  

  4. $200 went today, chapala, excellent dr.  Gringo landia is always more expensive.  Went to Chopo lab recommended by gringo serving dr.,,,,3 times the cost of my lab in Chapala......Also, you can go to Similares pharmacy in chapala and go to their dr, just to the left of the pharmacy, I think 50 pesos, but not totally sure.  Just know its very very low.

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  5. yes, it is like when we moved from California to a small town in Texas when i was a child.  My father had a stove vent a hood installed in his restaurant.  My dad asked the guy that installed it what it was made of and the guy said "well, it looks like lunyan but its really chrone"  "lunyan" = Aluminum    chrone=chrome......anyway we loved Texas and the people.

  6. Its the mexican way unfortunately.  Many put their dogs out at night to find food as they dont have the money to feed them.....there is no law to keep them from doing it....at least it is not enforced.  I had one like that and asked the woman if i could have her she said yes it is a gift to you and i gave her $200 pesos.  Ive had her ever since......

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  7. On 12/28/2021 at 6:32 AM, Drew said:

    Has anyone had expierence using a wifi extender?

    For example:I live in a 3 story house.I have a telmex wifi modem on the first floor.I get a great signal on the second floor.Now I've bought a t.v. to use on the mirador.It gets a low signal.I would like a stronger wifi signal on the mirador.Has anyone used one of the wifi extenders you plug into a wall socket that supposedly extends the wifi.On Amazon they cost about 600pesos or maybe a little more depending on the brand name.I would appreciate some advise.


    Hello Drew.  We switched to total play from telmex.  It was awesome.  then our grandson came to live with us, he is a serious gamer.  The router is down stairs, not close, his gaming computer is upstairs.  We got the extender from Total Play.  He use to say the wifi in Texas was the best.  Now he says this is awesome and probably the reason he wants to live here in mexico with us...lol...


  8. 22 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    For property taxes, Chapala will take a credit card.  SIMAPA will not, at least they didn't last year.

    Paying property tax relatively early has been very fast for us in previous years.

    We can walk to SIMAPA to pay that one. 

    Hi Maincoons.  Is the deadline to receive the discount the end of February or do you know???  thanks mucho

  9. 32 minutes ago, ibarra said:

    Shag, the document states: Foreigners hoping to fly to the United States will need to show proof of vaccination before boarding and a negative coronavirus test within three days of entering.

    My question - how do you purchase a personal test in countries that don't offer it?  Hmm

    ok, Ibarra.  I must have not read it correctly.  I didnt see "fly to"  but will re-read it.  Thank you so very much.


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