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  1. just finished last week taking two mexican friends in their 20's to joco. Had to go early to get in line as they only take a few each day. Open at 8am, we were there by 6:30, 3 already in line. No appointment necessary. They were told what documents they needed. Had to return the next day....as we did very early, gave documents. Then one week later we returned for the actual new card. Yes it was for their 10 year renewal.
  2. does he have to go to loredo? Would Arizona do?
  3. $200 went today, chapala, excellent dr. Gringo landia is always more expensive. Went to Chopo lab recommended by gringo serving dr.,,,,3 times the cost of my lab in Chapala......Also, you can go to Similares pharmacy in chapala and go to their dr, just to the left of the pharmacy, I think 50 pesos, but not totally sure. Just know its very very low.
  4. Asked a local and he said it was a "manifestation"
  5. yes, it is like when we moved from California to a small town in Texas when i was a child. My father had a stove vent a hood installed in his restaurant. My dad asked the guy that installed it what it was made of and the guy said "well, it looks like lunyan but its really chrone" "lunyan" = Aluminum chrone=chrome......anyway we loved Texas and the people.
  6. Its the mexican way unfortunately. Many put their dogs out at night to find food as they dont have the money to feed them.....there is no law to keep them from doing it....at least it is not enforced. I had one like that and asked the woman if i could have her she said yes it is a gift to you and i gave her $200 pesos. Ive had her ever since......
  7. yes ive been here 12 years and also do turbo tax. no download necessary. I just go to the site, log in and do the taxes.
  8. Hello Drew. We switched to total play from telmex. It was awesome. then our grandson came to live with us, he is a serious gamer. The router is down stairs, not close, his gaming computer is upstairs. We got the extender from Total Play. He use to say the wifi in Texas was the best. Now he says this is awesome and probably the reason he wants to live here in mexico with us...lol...
  9. Hi Maincoons. Is the deadline to receive the discount the end of February or do you know??? thanks mucho
  10. I'm in the states right now. I tried it and a red message came up and said "message not sent. Tap to try again" It will not send. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks
  11. Yes, the wicked have been conspiring since the earth cooled.
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