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  1. I have a great mexican friend who would like to cook or clean 2 or 3 times a week or however often you need. She also would bathe a woman or care give for few hours while a spouse runs errands. She is Mexican and speaks only Spanish but a great cook and cleaner loving and compassionate. She cares for my mother in law. She lives in Chapala. You can call me for referral: 332 055 6255 or email: boswelltb@yahoo.com
  2. Shag

    Golf Cart

    Golf Cart for sale, new batteries, used very very little $3000US boswelltb@yahoo.com 332 055 6255
  3. yes, we just returned from walmart, Played "maze" to get in there. And there are more lights at that one intersection than in all of New york City !!!! lol
  4. we have crossed 27 times in the past 6 years. Never a problem coming into mexico. Always have dogs. Many times no one even manning the bridge. Most of the time dont even ask to see passports. Last time we entered was Dec 15
  5. I called the Guadalajara social security office as the website was not help The lady in GUAD said if we have a foreign address it will be deposited into our bank acct in July !!! Has anyone else heard this????
  6. Our friend who is moving here wants to know if she can get the drug Humira here. It is for a skin disorder. We went to 2 pharmacies yesterday and they said maybe Guadalajara. It is by injection and has to be on ice. Just curious if anyone here uses it and where do they get it? Next I will call a dermatologist. Thank you for your help.
  7. Well, thank you so very much to everyone that replied and for all your great advice. I appreciate it so very much.
  8. We have company coming for a month. She is a lawyer and must work from home. She needs to upload, download, video chat with zoom. Right now we have the 30 megas for $399. This works for me as i download things that are sent to my email. I am totally illiterate when it comes to knowing things like this. But for someone that must work from home and needs these services could someone advise me that also works from home if i need to upgrade my internet???? Telmex offers: 150 megas for $549 200 megas for $899 Thank you so very much for anyones input !!!!!
  9. We had to be in the U.S. too when our house closed here in Mexico. Our realtor was the power of attorney and signed all the papers for us at the Notario meeting. It was very easy. That was 8 years ago.
  10. Congradulations. We had a honda fit for many years. Many trips to the states. Great gas mileage. Great car for us....
  11. Jesus Jimenez Construction- Excellent - 331 048 5343
  12. Ok, yes he gave us the Azul plan at first. We were not aware of the Ambar (bronze) plan so the next year we told him we just had to reduce the cost. So explained that the middle class mexicans use Country 2000 and other good hospitals and you dont need the "boutique" hospitals. So we switched. Here is what we pay and we are 65 and 63, no pre existing conditions. 2020-2021 year 56,027.30 pesos about 2,858.00 US It went up $9000 pesos from last year.....We pay this year simi anually which is 5% more which is $2,801 pesos more about $142 US with the peso rate when we did this at 19.60. So we paid 29,414.33pesos march 21st and september 21 we have to pay another 29,414.33pesos which is about $1,500US which another guy on here said was about $3,000US per year ( I was wrong about the only $2,000US) So that $3000 is for us as a couple not each person. That amount you mentioned sound like the highest plan the Blue plan (Azul) Actually we are thinking to go with the even cheaper plan next time. He said we would not want it. But we have learned with Country 2000 that when admitted you pay $2000 US down and can pay the bill out. So that is $1000US cheaper than the deductable. the deductable is $3000 per illness. I dont know Im going to look into it because we are healthy.....who knows. Well hope those figures helped. It also covers illness and accidents that happen in the states.
  13. ours with Bellon GNP is $2000 per year, 65 and 63. We have the Bronze plan. No "boutique" hospitals that are in the Blue plan. But it includes Country 2000 and other very very good hospitals that are excellent and we have had great experience with them.
  14. I knew to never accept the rate and did not....but thanks for the advice
  15. I discovered something interesting. We had always gone to CiBanco because of the low fee. But one day we went and got 10,000 pesos. My bank statement showed $475 U.S. taken out. the next day i had to go back and get the same amount. They were out of money so i went to Banorte in Chapala which has a 40 pesos fee. I got 10,000 pesos but my bank only took out $450. It was a difference of $25 US. It was only the next day and the rate was the same. I have since experimented with both ATM's and have found the same result. So as a result I now go to Banorte. Has anyone else seen this? I know some banks charge "cross border fees and other fees" and some do not.
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