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  1. yes we passed by too and saw the body. Brought tears to our eyes.......
  2. I have googled electric cars. China now sells a little 4 seat electric car for about $4000 US in mexico City. They might deliver. Im looking into it. There are alot that are like a motorcycle with 3 wheels but i prefer a regular 4 wheel and steering wheel
  3. Shag

    Pomegranate Fruit

    Yes there are alot growing wild. Our mexican friends have 2 in their back yard and we just saw another one on a property in west ajijic. Mexican said there are many here.
  4. Zeb, also pretty standard for mexican rentals there is no frig or furniture. But we know where you can get a good used frig.
  5. So sorry Zeb. I have been out. Just saw your post. I PM'ed you the directions and how to get a hold of someone who could show you.
  6. so sorry, I just now saw your post. Yes those are the rents. We mostly have mexican friends. They pay much different rents than the expats. Of course they do not know how we pay the kind of rent we pay. Just two different worlds. Our good friends pay $1700 a month pesos, have a two bdrm, large. Not much curb appeal but that is pretty normal.
  7. You are so very welcome Sue, but people like you and Dr. Hector have the HARD work and we all thank you.
  8. I am so very sorry, that is not like him, I will ask him what happened.
  9. As far as tolls. In our Honda Fit we always allowed $60 US , then got a truck, allowed $100. I personally would have $200 for a motor home. But I could be wrong. We have a 40 foot 5th wheel in the states. We have thought of bringing down from time to time but with these roads it would be disastrous to make a wrong turn so you really need to know where you are going. Weve lived here 7 years and for 4 of them went back and forth every 4 months to care for parents and with all that experience still made wrong turns. Have you ever been to this area? This is not to discourage you as Ive seen really big motor homes here, but it might be worth your while to drive down in a car, stay in a rental and look the place over first. Or find someone who has actually driven here with one. But good luck and enjoy when you are here.
  10. So nice of you to say so.......I told Ernesto.....it will make his day !!
  11. Hi Carrol: I tried to call you but i forgot the 3 numbers I am suppose to dial before your number. I wanted to tell you about Ernesto Barron our good friend. Many people on this board use him. He is a hard working, honest and knowledgable young man. His father works with him and taught him everything. He is totally bilingual and lived in the states all his life. Many people have said many good things about him. I know he would be willing to give you a trial run if you wanted to check him out. He has his own truck and all the tools. A white truck that says "Barron's Landscape" You can go to the search bar and type his name and see the references. Thank you for considering him. Ernesto and Demetrio Barron 331 267 9364
  12. In Chapala new construction but very basic. 3bdrm for $4000 pesos and a 2 bdrm for $3000 pesos
  13. Piadad lives in Chapala. Has all the skills you need. And she is totally honest. Step son is bilingual. He owns a Landscape business. Can call him for initial contact. She can provide many references: Ernesto Barron - 331 267 9364 totally bilingual Piadad Barron - 332 918 7969
  14. For 4 years, every 3 months we have to go back to texas. Weve done ALL the border crossings. Will never do Loredo. It is nightmare traffic and strict most of the time. We love Presidio/Ojinaga. Sometimes there is no one manning the bridge. We dont even show our passports and no one ever checks what we bring. Tues Wed and thursday are easiest to cross. Other good crossings are Del Rio/Acuna and Eagle Pass/Piadras Negras. The reason we dont like to cross at far south texas, like McAllen, Mission, Brownsville is because it takes a long time to drive down there, when you can cross much sooner. We are about to make another trip back to Texas. We always start when it begins to get light, drive to Matehuala and stay at Las Palmas Hotel, arriving there about 4:pm before dark, there is a walmart. then get up early next morning and make it to the border, cross and spend the night again on the texas side. The toll roads are awesome. Maybe you already know this but keep to the right side of the road as mexicans coming the opposite direction pass other cars and come into your lane. It is not dangerous and everyone is aware of this rule, just know it exists. If a trucker is in front of you and he has his left turn signal on it is usually to let you know that the coast is clear and you can pass safetly. We have found the truckers to be very very helpful. Just know alot of mexicans drive very aggressively and fast so we personally have to drive a little more defensively being cautious. The only other information I would like to offer is use "Waze" or some good GPS as the signs in Mexico can be misleading as to which roads are toll and which are "Free" (libre) We love driving, it is a beautiful country, have never been fearful and actually feel safer here than in the states. Hope this helps. Good luck
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