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  1. absolutely, go to Jeff Berwick's Dollar Vigilante report today "I Cant Breathe" ______
  2. wow, great, can you tell me where they are located??? need furniture
  3. yes, i would never ever do that and never recommend anyone doing it. Just thought it kind of 'funny" what they do.....really not funny...just could not think of another word
  4. I am sure you are not going to do this but all of our mexican friends say in mexico if people park in places not respecting others they puncture their tires. The cost of repair is not worth parking there anymore........I would not do it and I'm sure you will not do it. Just thought I'd tell you what alot of them do, so we are told. They say No Parking signs are too expensive for them and puncturing the tire is the "mexican way".....lol
  5. Im encouraged that you know we had a Republic in the beginning. Was it Benjamin Franklin that said "if we can keep it !!" A Democracy always crumbles into Socialism and then when Socialism emplodes because the haves are tired of supporting the have nots, a Despot comes riding in on a white horse to save the day and they become Dictatorships. Our founding fathers knew this. In a Democracy when the majority rule they can pass a law that the majority feel it is best to kill everyone over 70, and guess what? That is the law. Also in a democracy, New York and California will make all the decisions, the rural people have no say. That was the brilliance of our founding fathers who instituted an Electoral College to have equal representation. Our history books have been rewritten so that the younger generation and even some of us older people dont have a clue to the beauty of a Republic.
  6. Hello Mainecoons: you wrote this in 2018 Very reliable expat who just likes to get out and drive so he makes runs with and for people to the U.S. and Canada. you wrote this to help someone. I was just wondering if you still know how to contact this person and if they are still doing it? I have a friend with 3 small dogs who lived here and wants to return. Thank you so very much for any help you can give. Barbara boswelltb@yahoo.com
  7. yes we passed by too and saw the body. Brought tears to our eyes.......
  8. I have googled electric cars. China now sells a little 4 seat electric car for about $4000 US in mexico City. They might deliver. Im looking into it. There are alot that are like a motorcycle with 3 wheels but i prefer a regular 4 wheel and steering wheel
  9. Shag

    Pomegranate Fruit

    Yes there are alot growing wild. Our mexican friends have 2 in their back yard and we just saw another one on a property in west ajijic. Mexican said there are many here.
  10. Zeb, also pretty standard for mexican rentals there is no frig or furniture. But we know where you can get a good used frig.
  11. So sorry Zeb. I have been out. Just saw your post. I PM'ed you the directions and how to get a hold of someone who could show you.
  12. so sorry, I just now saw your post. Yes those are the rents. We mostly have mexican friends. They pay much different rents than the expats. Of course they do not know how we pay the kind of rent we pay. Just two different worlds. Our good friends pay $1700 a month pesos, have a two bdrm, large. Not much curb appeal but that is pretty normal.
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