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  1. thanks! i found that out today at INM. Having a challenge combining both tramites into one form on their website. But I'll keep digging and surely I'll find the way forward. Much appreciated, Sonia.
  2. good advice. thanks man. i'm gonna take your suggestion and run with it. very much appreciated!
  3. so here's the problem: i was out of the country for a few weeks and came back with only one week to renew my residency. Friday is the last day. So if I go tomorrow (wednesday) it's still possible that they'll accept both at the same time? si llego con lana creo que no habra ninguna bronca pero no se. thoughts? thanks for your feedback.
  4. heyo--thanks, yo. i think i call pull that off. but i still have to renew my visa within 30 days and the change of address process takes up to 90 days or something. so i'm curious if they will reject my residency renewal application because i haven't completed the address tramite. i suppose as long as it's been initiated they may not have a problem with it. fxxxing bureaucracy is heavy here. appreciate your response.
  5. Hello all-- I am in the process of applying for renewal of my temporary residency in Mexico. However, I changed addresses about 5 months ago but never registered that with the gov here in Mexico. Will I be able to renew my residency under these circumstances? Or would my application be rejected because i have not registered my new address within the 90 day time frame allowed? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Gavo
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