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  1. Thank you all so much for the advice - I’m looking forward to our trip!
  2. My wife and I will be visiting the region for about a week in November. This will be our first time to vist the area. For reference,we’ve rented a spot at a home near the Lake Chapala Society. I’m planning on not renting a car, but taking at taxi from Guadalajara and, if need be, hiring a local taxi to get around, though we plan on doing a lot of walking around. I’m looking for advice on the practicality of relying on taxis as opposed to renting a car - are taxis widely available in the area? Thanks!
  3. Fair enough. I deserved that. We have been taking Spanish lessons and are not planning on actually making a move for at least a couple of years, so doing pre-planning. The Cedula would be prohibitive, so that option is probably out. The telemedicine idea is interesting - though she was hoping to help out locally. We can both look for other ways to try to volunteer in the community. I appreciate the feedback on the availability of local hiking and dirt biking and look forward to visiting.
  4. Hi - I’ve been traveling to Mexico for a while - mostly via motorcycle, but leaving Friday and driving down to Guanajuato by way of Xilitia with my wife. I’ve not yet been to Chapala, but that’s is next on my list. I have a friend (well actually my wife’s friend) who lives there part of the year, so plan to do a trip down to visit with them for ‘scouting expedition’ and then do a trip down with my mom for about a week or two a little later. Basically checking the place out as a possible semi—permanent destination for myself, wife and mom. One of the questions I have is regarding the ability to practice medicine. My wife is an internist and we are wondering if there is an ability for her to use her skills in Mexico. Neither of us speak Spanish yet - though my mom does :). Any insight will be helpful. Other question regards my hobby - trail riding. There look to be some lovely roads/trails in the mounains on both sides of the lake - does anyone know if there is a dirt biking/trail riding group around that explores those areas? We also enjoy hiking - any insight into the local hiking scene will be welcome. Thanks!
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