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  1. I paid 518 on a Saturday to take an Uber from mid-GDL to Ajijic centro.
  2. Have you tried Soylent Green? 😀
  3. If you are sure no one is using your wifi, by blacklisting all but accepted devices, you will need Telcel to get involved and hunt down the issue. They should be able to monitor any traffic coming from your modem and determine what the traffic is (or if its merely reporting incorrectly).
  4. Are you saying all your computers were off and you don't have any smart TVs or anything connected to the wifi? If you have left a computer on and it has connected to the modems wifi, it may be infected with malware. As alongtheway mentioned, you should whitelist the devices that are allowed to connect to the wifi, of course making sure it has a secure password and the wifi is WPA2 (the default minimum of most modern wifi routers). I don't know anything about your modem but if you are an experienced user, you could try Wireshark to catch the data hog.
  5. Thank you Alpha1 and Bisbee gal. I have read both the article and the Harvard study. That said, all drugs come with some risk and frankly after being mislead by the American medical community regarding a "healthy" diet which has lead to an obesity epidemic, I look at all of these warnings with a pound (!) of salt. My first questions would be 1) how many in the control group developed dementia anyway and 2) what was the health status of those who did develop dementia and 3) were there other potential causes? As we all know by now, correlation ≠ causation. Before going keto, the doctors had me on 6 different drugs and I couldn't run 50 feet (pre-diabetic, high blood pressure, acid reflux, etc). All of which is now long gone. Wanna hear what the doctor said after losing 70 lbs? "Whatever you're doing, keep on doing it" and this is from the person who should have informed me on how to get healthy. I hope you can see why I rarely accept the current medical opinions and would rather research it myself. Thanks for trying though.
  6. I would like to know the store and circumstances. PM me if it is not allowed.
  7. Make this plus 4 for diphenhydramine. I buy big bottles of it in the US under the name Wal-dryl (Walgreens generic). Hospitals sometimes use it to get you sleepy before anesthesia is given. Good for allergies too.
  8. There is someone who sells them in the little mercado walkway in the plaza. If you have a car, there is a roadside vendor in Cosala that has hundreds to choose from. There are also many others that have a small selection.
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