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  1. I went their once last year and heard the racism first hand. Notice I said "once".
  2. Hi Dawn, The local hiking club is shut down due to the Covid crisis. In addition, I have heard (perhaps someone more in the know can correct me), that the indigenous people have said something to the effect of "please stop hiking on our land".
  3. Things must've changed since I was there last. I even took a picture of the "tira la basura por la ventana" sign in one of the buses. Clean bus, highways littered. My tica wife didn't think twice about throwing wrappers and other trash on the ground.
  4. If you take the Mascota route there is a small place that serves some of the best food I have ever had. It is called "Comida Casera" Loncheria and is on the outskirts of Mascota across from the Pemex. No ingles spoken.
  5. This is common manners for most everything, whether you are tossing money on the counter to pay for something or tossing food instead of placing it in their hands. In the case of food, it would be perceived as if you were feeding a stray dog. Lots of good videos on Mexican manners out there as well as a class at LCS.
  6. I have had their sartén (pan) pizza here in Ajijic and I thought it was as good or better than anyplace else I have tried.
  7. Questions 2 & 3 are well answered. Re question 1: La Bodega and El Patio in Chapala both have open mics where you will meet musicians at all levels; from basic to pro (I would say most are on the basic side) And they mostly play older blues/rock (danceable music) and some country, right up your alley. My tastes, also after 50 years of playing, tend to go more mellow and there is an open mic at Buenos Ayres in Chapala on Fridays, geared to singer/songwriters. There is also a ukelele meetup. You shouldn't have any problems meeting other musicians. Guadalajara doesn't have that great of a selection and prices can be quite high, especially when it comes to electronics. It's best to bring your own pedals. I searched in vain to buy a cheap, reasonably good guitar (like an Epiphone D100) because I didn't want to travel with any of my good guitars. Never found one and the POS I bought (a Campero), the tuners didn't work and I had to replace them.
  8. A friend of mine and his wife recently took the bus from mid Texas to Guadalajara and said it was great. Nice bus with reclining seats, TVs in seat backs, cheap! and best of all, not very many people on bus. He said they had their pick of many seats and everyone spread out so they each had two seats to themselves to help get sleep on a long ride. Bus makes stops for food, bathroom on board. If you have too much stuff to fly reasonably, you really can't beat the bus. Drivings a hassle. That said, if the bus is crowded I hate it.
  9. My chicken looked just like the picture posted. It definitely had more breading and spices than I like. It seemed to be a bit expensive considering the price of grilled chicken around here. Hopefully the burgers are better.
  10. I'm just gonna leave this here.
  11. Tkessler does a good job of explaining this topic. Most people want to blame (and usually rightfully so) their ISP for slowness but bottlenecks are everywhere. For those that aren't as tech savvy, I tried to find a video that explains some of this stuff in laymans terms and the best I could find was this.
  12. Yep. I would guess it's off by a factor of ten, at least. And it doesn't take into account the mostly here part timers.
  13. Judging by the picture and what it says on the website, it is at best misleading. It will not do what you described above. You plug it into an outlet and then it looks like you run an ethernet cable from the router portion of your modem to this repeater (as it appears in the picture). You can save yourself some money by running the cable directly to your computer. That said, it may work for you with some trial and error...you can move this device around the area where your modem/wifi router is and it may improve the signal in the area you are wanting to fix. If it's just one area you need to improve, a bridge/AP with a directional antenna would be better (and quite a few allow you to change the strength of signal output, a regulation that differs from country to country, and most people ignore). There is supposed to be a Ubiquiti dealer in Guadalajara.
  14. In worst case scenarios, a frozen email account may be just the beginning of your problems. If a hacker can freeze your legitimate email, it will prevent you from being notified of account changes (like your bank account). They may be possibly redirecting alerts warning of changes to personal info on accounts. I hope you have already frozen your credit rating accounts (like everyone should be doing if you are not applying for credit regularly). You should monitor your assets regularly on a known clean computer. One of the first things I used to recommend to small businesses back when it was my job was to get a cheap computer that was secured and use it only for business transactions, locking it in the safe every night. No web surfing, no emails, nothing but business transactions like logging into bank and investment accounts Sadly, this advice was usually sought after the damage was already done. I have seen too many companies go bankrupt because they didn't follow basic security practices. One lost $65 million. Never follow unsolicited advice from an email. EVER. When in doubt, CALL the companys phone number and ask if they sent you a notice. Note that you do NOT reply to an email address or phone number given in an email. Always google up the official info. Good luck, I hope it turns out to be nothing.
  15. Slightly off topic but someone may find it interesting. About 15 years ago I worked for an ISP that partnered with a guy that provided cable TV to student housing using satellite dish service. Essentially a dish is connected to a splitter then to a hundred or so receivers (one for each channel provided) then connected to a combiner and sent out to the apartments. I have decommisioned a few sites and had to fill up dumpsters with receivers no one wanted. They were all in working condition but I couldn't find a single person who wanted them, completely free. I can't imagine why a company would want your receiver back. It's amazing how often those things break. I would guess it's an 85% chance of it being a scam.
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