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  1. Is there a place to buy US postage stamps?
  2. Is there a birders group on the area? I realize they might not be getting out much right now, but I'd be interested in taking part sometime in the future. Thanks
  3. Spotty internet the last two days here in Brisas.
  4. Thanks for the replies. SKY does offer internet and HD in various packages. The combined price is less than using Telmex. Will cancel TM and go only with SKY. Perhaps not available in all areas. We live in Brisas and talked with them yesterday. Plenty of English language programs on SKY, but no regular network programming like ABC or CBS. I believe they buy programming from the production companies, so you have channels like Sony and Axn that carry mostly reruns of popular network shows and occasionally current seasons delayed a few weeks.
  5. Does anyone have any experience using Sky for your internet? Quality and reliability? Thanks
  6. 11 years ago I mentioned to the denizens on this web board that it seemed rather incestuous, to say the least. Some of the players have changed but the game has not. I seldom come here, but occasionally there is some good, unbiased info.
  7. I prefer to go via Tlajomulco. Scenic, with lots of topes and very little traffic. No toll.
  8. At my house they had masks and gloves and all official ID. They asked questions in flawless Spanish. I gave them a glass of cold water and sent them on their way. Highlight of my day.
  9. Reading these "conversations" is very pornographic. The desire to be on top, the adjusting of positions, the constant need for reassurance, etc. It's just plain naughty and I like it.
  10. Then it should be called the bat virus; from the animal from which it most likely came. I assume you were trying to be accurate and not just covering the president's butt.
  11. Lots of nice folks here. Roads are old and uneven. Doesn't bother me but some folks don't like it. A few speeders need to be taught a lesson. Not much reliable participation in running the place. History of choosing bad attorneys. Very pleasant and quiet neighborhood. Dogs are generally not a problem. One or two abusers. Great views except when building code isn't enforced by board. PM me for more details.
  12. Is there a place for recycling or getting rid of household chemicals and paint? Please advise...Thank you...Mick
  13. Does anyone have the local number for a Sky TV distributor/installer? Thanks...Mick
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