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  1. Hospital San Antonio is what I consider to be expensive. My hip was broken a year ago and the bone replaced but popped out of joint a couple of months ago, the second time this has happened. The emergency persons who responded to my call asked where I wanted to go to get it fixed and said San Antonio was new, nice but very expensive. Anyway, I went there by ambulance, was put asleep fairly rapidly and woke up with it repaired. The multitute of lab, doctor, anesthesiologist, etc etc etc and an overnight stay cost a little over $19000 pesos. So somewhere around 1000 US for those who convert. For comparison I had the same thing happen in the US and it cost over $4000 US. The care, cleanlinest and doctor interface were all much better here. I felt the cost here was high for Mexico but I was happy the hospital was there. Just my two cents. I also use Quality Care frequently as they can usually have a specialist come in and it saves running around etc. The charge ranges anywhere from $400 to 800 pesos per visit with a specialist. I find the convenience and helpfulness of the staff to be well worth it.
  2. Any way to get NFL on TV down here in Ajijic? jkjoking13@yahoo.com
  3. Hi, new to the area. Looked on line for an alternative internet provider, but, the newest thread was from 2014. Right now we have Telmex and haven't had service for two weeks. We've been to the office twice, they promise we will get a phone call (in English), but we only get recordings in Spanish. Does anyone have a different provider? Thanks for your reply.
  4. Thank you everyone for the responses, it is appreciated.
  5. Just moved to Ajijic and we rented a small home. Need to find delivery person for large bottles of water. Don't care what the brand is, just so they are dependable. Thanks jkjoking13
  6. Just moved into a rental home in Ajijic and some large bottle water. Have contaners for Bonafont but cannot find a local number to call them. HELP jkjoking13@yahoo.com 661 527 6512 Jerald Koenig
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