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  1. Oh really? Perhaps that's a bit of it too. I wake up this AM to the poor guys still scratching. I just hate to see him like this. I'm going to brush him under bright light and see if I can spot anything. Unfortunately he's got long black hair on his lower body, which makes it difficult. Some ticks did drop, that is for sure - but he's still going at it. While in the vets office a woman did mention tiny little white things that even go after her right now, so I wonder if that's part of it too because I did see one, and boy are they hard to see! I guess it was a bad idea to take him up on the trail Might be another vet trip, which is well worth it if they can solve his problem!
  2. I do think it could be a bit of dermatitis but I'm seeing the ticks drop off now. Never seen such small ticks in my life! And against his thick black fur, I think they're really hard to spot. He seems to be getting better as the evening continues - I went to the vet at 9:30 AM and I guess it takes a while for that topical to really start working, I think it is now. So now it's laundry and vacuuming for the next several days!
  3. That's true. I'll just hope the flea collar and tick topical do some good work overnight and the problem is solved. If not, I will definitely bring him in again. Thanks.
  4. I did take him to the vet today actually. But if he's still acting the same again tomorrow I will take him again and have them give him a good exam. Today they didn't really examine him, they just put the tick med on a drained his glands as well.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone could provide some insight for me? I've got a dog I'm watching after who won't stop scratching, and I'm feeling really bad for him. 2 days ago I took him on a short mountain walk, but we stayed on trail - so I'm not sure if that is related or not. He also takes 3 walks a day and does like to roll in grass. Yesterday I bathed him and put a flea collar on him, which didn't help his itching. Then this morning I found 1 tick on his head so I took him to the vet and got a topical tick medicine applied. I haven't found any other ticks on him. I've analyzed the areas he's going after even under a flashlight and I don't see ticks or fleas, but I did just find 1 clear/white ish looking thing on his fur, his fur is black. But this is the only one I've seen. I've really been looking at him and I don't see anything but clearly something is driving him quite crazy. Does anyone have any ideas of what this could be and/or what I could use to help him? I'm not from the area so I am not familiar with the local pests that might pester a dog! I believe I did just see one almost microscopic white thing jump off his fur when I was combing through it, if that helps to determine what it is. Thank you
  6. I do like those suggestions! But this plant is fairly high and wide, but I might be able to find an umbrella or two with very long handles and straight ends, perhaps I will go check today. I think that's why the above idea is so good, because I imagine that material is lighter and won't trap heat. The record idea is also cute! But the size of this plant would require probably 4 and they might attract a little too much heat with the material and color? Thank you! Trying to help this poor plant out.
  7. Hola! Does anyone know if and where I could buy some cute plant shades like this in the Ajijic area? Or perhaps have them made? Gracias
  8. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has up to date contact information for Sergio at Aimar Stained Glass or how to reach him? The phone number on his website doesn't work and so far I've gotten no response to email. Or a contact for another person who might be able to fix a few broken squares on a vitrelle lampshade would also be great! (I've been told the material is called vitrelle). Thank you!
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