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  1. I bought a package the other day.  I cooked one of the racks on the BBQ.  Medium rare, with asparagus and a Idaho russet potato with all the trimmings.  It was delish.


    These are the real deal.  Thanks for the tip.

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  2. In all 3 States.  5 on the way north and 7 on the way south.  Some had big campsites set up.

    Federales doing vehicles inspections at the caseta's didn't seem to interested in the takeovers.

    BTW, in Viacam the locals have set up "toll" booths at the large topes at both ends of town.

    Just pay and go.

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  3. Thanks Ferret but Google is not very helpful.  Neither was Bing.

    Almost all USA auto policies include Canada.  My Mexican insurance doesn't include the USA and Canada.  I buy per day policies for for my trips to the USA.  There doesn't seem to be any companies selling 7-14 day policies for Canada.  Are there insurance offices near the border area that sell per day insurance like they have in Mexico?

  4. On 11/29/2019 at 12:39 PM, Mobell said:

    Back again with same problem. I cannot travel to border myself. Husband bedridden. Is it possible if I sell to a US citizen they can drive it north without me? It is a 2005 Ford Gulfstream BT Cruiser. It has been stored beside our home since 2009 and hasn't been driven much at all. It's blue book is over 30,000 US. Purchased in 2006. Mileage when purchased 5,630 miles. Battery needs recharging so can't read mileage now. Will post that later.

    What did you do with the motor home?

  5. 15 hours ago, Jim Bowie said:

    Actually, wife and I were stopped and pulled over once there in Laredo and asked how much money we had with us. When we responded, they told us to show them and count it in front of them. That was about 14 years ago. Really curious that the same thing happened later that morning at the last checkpoint leaving Nuevo Laredo. Whatta ya think?

    I have been stopped twice over the years on the USA side heading south and had to count out my money.  Both times I had an RV and was searched.


  6. On 11/4/2019 at 10:19 PM, RickS said:

    Any particular crossing or just random?


    Nogales and Anzalduas are 2 I have heard about. 

    Some people try to do the online application.  I have read that they are unable to complete the application because they are checking the GVW using the VIN.

    Earlier this week I spoke with a man that got a TIP at Colombia for an ex U-Haul F450 box van moving to Lakeside.

    As usual in Mexico, it is hit and miss.  The law is decided by the person you need the permit from.

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