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  1. How much do you want to change? At what rate do you want?
  2. 1997 Ford F350 4-door, Dually, 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel, 4x2, Low, Low,157,000 miles (253,000KM) for a 23 year old diesel truck. OBS (old body style) Centurion (like) Trim Package, Custom Paint. Hydra Chip by Power Hungry Performance https://gopowerhungry.com/hydra-chip/ Tires are 80% Leather seats Wood Trim Power windows Power Door Locks Gooseneck and bumper pull for trailer Agility Brake Controller. Well maintained her whole life. I used for towing to and from the USA. Mostly highway miles. Imported to Mexico in 2008. All papers are in order. Drives great, pulls strong. Located in Jocotepec, Jalisco. 220,000p or USD’s or ?????? 984-131-2967 Telcel
  3. There are some major restrictions when importing a bird into a country. Sometimes that includes a quarantine. Don't get caught by a surprise at the border. Safe travels
  4. Manuel Castillo can help you. PM me for his number.
  5. I came north through Eagle Pass 3 days ago. There were 50+ cars in line to cancel a TIP at Allende. 2 hours in line to cross north on a Monday afternoon. Reason??? People are avoiding N Laredo/Colombia crossings. Give yourself extra time. Ciudad Acuna/Del Rio might be a better choice.
  6. I just went through this. I purchased an out of state truck and went to the States with it. No issues as I am the owner. Just don't lie to the CBP officer. I also used Spencer's (Luis) office to assist with getting Jalisco plates. It took over a month from getting the appointment to actually going to Tonala for inspections. Just be patient, Luis will get it done CORRECTLY
  7. There is a government questionnaire you must fill out before you get on a plane. It asks if you have been in contact with anyone having covid. You have!!!!!! You will not be allowed to fly, unless you LIE.
  8. I will take them, send you a private message with my phone number
  9. As of July 1st, 2020, the tax is 19% at land crossings after the personal deduction.
  10. Maybe I can assist you. I have a 16x8 cargo trailer,with beefed up suspension. Send me an email and I will send you a pamphlet. toyhauler4u@gmail.com
  11. Sonia, maybe I can assist your clients. I have a truck, trailer and can drive to Canada get their possessions and bring them to their home in Mexico. Good competitive U-haul pricing. Toyhauler4u@gmail.com
  12. People living in Mexico are moving NOB. People living NOB are moving to Mexico. I have been very busy.
  13. Call a auto import broker to get your answers. Give them the VIN# and they will tell you "if" it can be imported and the costs.
  14. I can do that. I am like a Mexican U-Haul. You load, I drive , you unload. BTW, I don't have problems crossing the border in either direction. I will send you my pamphlet if you send me an email toyhauler4u@gmail.com
  15. I sent a PM in April but never heard from you. I have a truck and trailer. I have no issues crossing the border. You and your animals can ride along.
  16. You can cancel your TIP at the Chicago, and certain others, consulate. Contact them for the SPECIFIC DATES that they will cancel permits. You will have to get the car to the consulate.
  17. FYI; https://www.businessinsider.com/personal-finance/american-expats-trouble-getting-stimulus-checks-2020-5?r=MX&IR=T
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