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  1. People living in Mexico are moving NOB. People living NOB are moving to Mexico. I have been very busy.
  2. Hi Peter, Is this still available? I sent you an email.
  3. Call a auto import broker to get your answers. Give them the VIN# and they will tell you "if" it can be imported and the costs.
  4. I can do that. I am like a Mexican U-Haul. You load, I drive , you unload. BTW, I don't have problems crossing the border in either direction. I will send you my pamphlet if you send me an email toyhauler4u@gmail.com
  5. I sent a PM in April but never heard from you. I have a truck and trailer. I have no issues crossing the border. You and your animals can ride along.
  6. You can cancel your TIP at the Chicago, and certain others, consulate. Contact them for the SPECIFIC DATES that they will cancel permits. You will have to get the car to the consulate.
  7. Hola Alfred, I sent you an email. Do you have fotos you can post?
  8. FYI; https://www.businessinsider.com/personal-finance/american-expats-trouble-getting-stimulus-checks-2020-5?r=MX&IR=T
  9. So am I. What is the cost per kilo? What would you say is the approx edible weight after trimming? Now where do I buy some corn rye bread?
  10. I have a truck and trailer. I sent you a PM with my contact info.
  11. I might have some covered space in Joco. I sent you a message with my phone number
  12. I am going to take a client to Phoenix around mid June. As of now, I am empty on the way back.
  13. When do they need the spot? How long do they want to stay? Maybe my yard could work in Joco?
  14. I bought a package the other day. I cooked one of the racks on the BBQ. Medium rare, with asparagus and a Idaho russet potato with all the trimmings. It was delish. These are the real deal. Thanks for the tip.
  15. In all 3 States. 5 on the way north and 7 on the way south. Some had big campsites set up. Federales doing vehicles inspections at the caseta's didn't seem to interested in the takeovers. BTW, in Viacam the locals have set up "toll" booths at the large topes at both ends of town. Just pay and go.
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