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  1. I bought a package the other day. I cooked one of the racks on the BBQ. Medium rare, with asparagus and a Idaho russet potato with all the trimmings. It was delish. These are the real deal. Thanks for the tip.
  2. In all 3 States. 5 on the way north and 7 on the way south. Some had big campsites set up. Federales doing vehicles inspections at the caseta's didn't seem to interested in the takeovers. BTW, in Viacam the locals have set up "toll" booths at the large topes at both ends of town. Just pay and go.
  3. Just came south the last couple of days. No problems at all. Just have 50 pesos notes to pay the tolls that have been commandeered. 7 of them on the way south.
  4. With a new passport you can circumvent the system and get a new or 2nd TIP. First you need to get a FMM turista for the new TIP. Once you are issued the Tourist permit you lose your residente permanente, as Alan posted in article 64 #2
  5. You pay 16% (IVA) of the value LESS your personal exemption
  6. Thanks, that was to easy. It was right in front of my nose. The policy I buy for the USA also includes coverage for Canada. https://www.nuagentesonline.com/agents/b6769fb6897300b3dfddc232635dccf9/index.php
  7. Thanks Ferret but Google is not very helpful. Neither was Bing. Almost all USA auto policies include Canada. My Mexican insurance doesn't include the USA and Canada. I buy per day policies for for my trips to the USA. There doesn't seem to be any companies selling 7-14 day policies for Canada. Are there insurance offices near the border area that sell per day insurance like they have in Mexico?
  8. I am hoping some of you Canadians might know the answer or point me in the correct directions. I am a US citizen with a Mexican residente permanente. My truck, trailer, and scooter are Mexican plated. Where can I purchase a short term tourist insurance policy for Canada?
  9. Electrika/Banco Azteca sells libertads at most of their branches all over Mexico. The price is posted on their website and changes daily. Today's price is 420p per onza. https://www.bancoazteca.com.mx/
  10. I don't know if I am going to get that job hauling the 26 footer. They would really like to sell it instead of paying me to drive it out. BTW I don't have any costs to defray as I don't have any costs. It would be unethical to charge my clients so you can move cheaply. I would have to charge you the same as anyone else. If you don't find a trailer to buy, I have a Mexican plated trailer I use for moving people.
  11. No, it is USA plated, titled in FL (could be a good thing for you). If it had Mexican plates I would buy it. It is a 2019, located on the Yucatan. Asking $5000usd. They used it to move to Mexico and now don't want to drive it out. It is probably to big for your truck. I still might haul it out for them.
  12. What kind of truck do you have? Could you haul a 26 foot car hauler?
  13. My cargo trailer needed to be imported and plated.
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