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  1. Oh my goodness .,, I meant lucky ‘DUCKS’!! Too funny! This is what happens when you don’t reread posted messages!
  2. Hello! Has anyone had recent face lift surgery with Dr. Villaran in Ajijic? My research indicates that he was a highly skilled and respected plastic surgeon. I am looking for reports of ‘recent’ work. Like all of us, God Bless Him, he is getting older. Another surgeon I’m thinking about is Dr. Hernandez who appears to have replaced Dr. Villaran at Casa Montana. Any comments re, his work would be helpful, I’m travelling from Toronto, Canada for a few weeks in Winter, Would love to be like you lucky Ducks living in Sjijic. Unfortunately, I still need to work for just s couple more years. ☹️
  3. Do you mind me asking ... what made you choose Dr Bimbela over Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Ben. I know Dr. Ben is getting older and perhaps vision and accuracy are a little challenged but he has been highly recommended in the past. Dr. Hernandez I know nothing about -only that he has taken Dr. Bens place at Casa Montana. Thanks purple flower! 🌸
  4. Hello. I too am looking at plastic surgery in Guadalajara. Dr. Hernandez comes recommended on line but he has no web site with before after pics. Can anyone provide a little more personal info about there experience?
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