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  1. Selling Brand New Stainless Steel Sink. Under counter model. 19" wide x 21"length. Approx. 12" deep. Perfect for large pots. We bought it from Tio Sam for our kitchen but it doesn't fit. It's insulated, high quality, Eclipse brand. Bought $2733 MXN. Sell $825 MXN. We have original receipt. See photos for size details. OK to send me a PM.
  2. Selling practically new Nintendo Switch. Son used a few times but is more interested in computers. Includes "remotes" for two players. Purchased $8777 on sale (!). Sell for $5,500.
  3. I have about 7-8 ink cartridges for an Epson XP 830. Free. Bought a new printer so these are a giveaway. Private Message ok.
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