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  1. On 9/25/2019 at 3:09 PM, Charlie S said:

    This will clear it up:

    There are no account fees at Intercam. In fact Intercam is the only one I know of that’s paying an interest rate (average over 3%) on your checking account. No extra fee for money exchange or transfer. Start the account with $10,000 pesos and keep it active. There’s no fee or penalty if the balance does drop below the minimum.  They will open an account with any type of vise or your tourist visa.

    Intercam will accept your foriegn check and can make the funds immediately available.

    Intercam is a financial group. It is more like a brokerage than a bank. It is one of few banks that is ISO certified. It is Federally certified, regulated and insured to 2.5 million peso. Funds are Morningstar, Fitch and Microsoft rated. They have 85 funds, 5 more are Intercam managed funds.  75 branches, 2300 ATMs.

    Debit cards, checks, online banking, bill pay, free ATMs- All the things you expect from your bank at home except they don’t do things we don’t care about: mortgages, car loans, or credit cards.

    I am with the new branch coming by the end of the year next to Walmart, bigger than the other one, 24 hour ATM, 2 live tellers, funds, insurance, etc.. CDs in Mexico are paying about 3 times more than the ones in the States...


    Lots of reasons to bank in Mexico. More reasons to be with Intercam Bank.

    LCS has the only native English speaking person in any bank anywhere in Mexico except maybe near the Northern boarder. Come see me at LCS M-F 9:30 to 4:30; Saturday 10 to 4:00.



    I realize I’m posting to a topic from September 2019. Regarding Intercam, Charlie S posted that, “I am with the new branch coming by the end of the year next to Walmart, bigger than the other one, 24 hour ATM, 2 live tellers, funds, insurance, etc.” Anyone know if this branch is now open (or when it might open) and where it’s located?

  2. When I use my Amazon account on the Amazon U.S. website, there are usually import fees tacked on to the final price. When I use the same U.S.-based account on the Amazon Mexico site (amazon.com.mx), I still get import fees tacked on. Why is that? I’d assume that Amazon Mexico ships from warehouses in Mexico and would not charge an import fee. Is it because my account is a U.S.-based account? Should I create a new separate account for Amazon Mexico, using a Mexican phone number or email address?

  3. The Wikipedia link Oatsie provided (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drain_fly) states, "Protected by the extremely fine water-repellent hairs covering their bodies, adults and larvae are difficult to drown,[8] and are not affected by contact with most water-borne toxins such as bleach. Boiling water has little or no effect on the adults for the same reason, and even the eggs are highly resistant to both chemical or thermal assault."

    It goes on the state, "Thorough mechanical cleaning of drains will remove the larval food source, and is the most effective control measure.[8] Alternatively, injected foams containing bacteria or enzymes may be useful to break down gelatinous scum deposits."

    Will try mechanical cleaning as suggested by Alpha1 and Wikipedia. Chlorine is not an acid, but it does turn acidic when mixed with water, but unsure if its a strong acid.

  4. Alpha1- thanks for posting the photo. That's the critter.

    ajijicbound and jguerin- I will try vinegar and/or Clorox.

    jguerin- when you "I was putting Clorox in the drain regularly," is once daily adequate, or more or less frequently? And how much Clorox each time (1/2 cup, more)?

    ajijicbound- if its black fungus that attracts them, then I have an issue I was not aware of!

  5. I have a large infestation of a small gnat-like flying bug in my bathroom. I tried apple cider vinegar mixed with soap, but not a single bug took the bait. So it might not be a gnat. Any idea what the critter might be and how I get rid of it? I have none of these bugs in the kitchen and they don't seem to be attracted to fruits or the garbage. They seem to be attracted to water, but not sure. They are just in the bathroom. I've used an electronic fly swatter to kill them, but a few hours later, there's several dozen more. Any ideas?

  6. I have a propane gas tank that’s approaching 20 years. It has a date of manufacture on it, but not an expiry date. How do I determine life expectancy of the tank? In the U.S., propane tanks need to be certified every few (10?) years. Is there a certification process here?  Among the many gas delivery companies, anyone you’d recommend to evaluate the tank? I asked two handymen; one said the tank looks “okay”, the other said 20 years is max lifespan and I should replace it. I feel I need a more expert opinion.


    A related question: do propane prices in the Lakeside area fluctuate depending on the season? For e.g., higher in the winter, lower in the summer?

  7. 12 hours ago, WideSky said:

    I doubt that it is asbestos; however they do put fibres in cement to strengthen it (similar to fibreglass).  I have seen this product on carport roofs and other areas; yes it requires drilling to affix it to the support structure;  no it won''t keep things cool but if installed correctly and the holes sealed properly it will be dry.


    When I searched “What is Fibrocemento” in Google, I got this: Compuesto de cemento y polvo de amianto, which translates to Composed of cement and asbestos powder. I’m aware asbestos is being eliminated from products in the U.S., but unaware if it’s the same here. There could also be an error in Google Translate; looking at the word, it appears to simply say ‘cement fiber.’

  8. Hi,

    I have a terrace roof consisting of polycarbonate sheets. I asked a contractor about replacing the polycarbonate sheet roofing with something more durable and he suggested TEJA SAN MIGUEL sheet roofing. Note that the existing structure of the terrace is not strong enough to support a regular tile roof. Here’s a link to Home Depot that provides some info about TEJA SAN MIGUEL:


    Anyone used this material for your roof?  Is it durable, of good quality, and will it keep the terrace cool? And most importantly, is it safe? The home depot link (provided above) says it’s made of Fibrocemento, which Google Translate says is Asbestos cement. I did some reading on asbestos cement products and most websites say it’s safe, “unless they are disturbed or damaged in some way.” (From Oregon State Univ.: https://ehs.oregonstate.edu/asb-when). This site also states, “Water damage, continual vibration, aging, and physical impact such as drilling, grinding, buffing, cutting, sawing, or striking can break the materials down making [asbestos] fiber release more likely.”  Anyone know if the installation of TEJA SAN MIGUEL sheets requires cutting or drilling in to the sheets?  I will check with the contractor if he is aware the product contains asbestos, but given my limited experience with contractors here, some are not aware of what a product contains or the impacts.

    A couple of other questions:

    1.       Do regular roof tiles in Mexico contain asbestos cement? If they do, is it clearly marked, for e.g., on the packaging?

    2.       Any other alternative roofing product you can recommend? Listed a couple of alternatives below just from searching Home Depot Mexico, but I know nothing about these products.

    a.       ACEROTEJA ROJO: http://www.homedepot.com.mx/materiales-de-construccion/recubrimientos-para-techo/laminas/aceroteja-rojo-1-x-107-m-953881

    b.      LÁMINA OPALIT: http://www.homedepot.com.mx/materiales-de-construccion/recubrimientos-para-techo/laminas/lamina-opalit-gc-ondulada-82-x-183-m-227168


  9. I’m seeking advice on best options for watching U.S. sports channels here are Lakeside. Mainly interested in Tennis Channel, ESPN channels, NBA and NFL games. PBS is a plus. The house I moved in to has two satellite dishes (one large, one small), but I do not yet know if they are for Shaw or Dish, or if they work. I currently do not have a receiver.

    Options I’m evaluating include:

    1.       Shaw [though I heard signal might go away in a couple of years??]

    2.       Dish USA

    3.       A streaming service from Lakesidetv.com.

    4.       I also read posts here from barcelonaman who offers a steaming service.

    Anyone have good, consistent reception with Lakesidetv.com or other streaming services? I.e., no buffering, no (or very rare) outages and good customer support?  I get ~8MB download speed at home. If I use a streaming service, do I need to worry about computer viruses with the add-on apps installed on the device (Android box, Firestick, etc.)? And how do I keep the add-on apps updated?

    As for Shaw and Dish, if I can use the existing satellite dishes, what are the approximate setup costs, including purchase of a receiver? Especially with Shaw, I’m looking to evaluate setup costs, if the service is going away in a couple of years.


  10. I have a termite issue in my home and called FuMiGa (Renee) and Termite Bugbusters, run by Renee’s cousin Christian (Chris). Apparently, Renee and Christian were partners at one point, but had a parting of ways about 4-5 years ago. Price-wise, Renee is significantly higher (2x to 3x range) than Christian. I’ve searched this web board and found several recommendations for Renee, but so far nothing for Termite Bugbusters/Christian. I’ve also talked to friends who’ve said they used FuMiGa/Renee and have had no return of termites after 7 years.

    1.       Has anyone used Termite Bugbusters/Christian for termite extermination and had solid results? i.e., no termites for several years after treatment?

    2.       Any idea why such a price difference between the two companies?

    3.       Anyone else you might recommend I call?

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