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  1. Its a bill from Telmex USA (not Telmex Mexico) that recently changed it name to Claro Enterprse Solutions. See https://www.telmexusa.com/ : "America Móvil announces its newest US-based subsidiary: Claro Enterprise Solutions. As part of the launch, one of America Móvil’s existing U.S. subsidiaries, Telmex USA, will change its name to Claro Enterprise Solutions."

    Do you have service from Telmex USA?

  2. I've been to the Surtidor on the main street in Chapala (good prices compared to Soriana) and also noticed a location on Av. Pepe Guizar in Chapala, just before the intersection to the Chapala-Mezcala highway. A small store front with a larger warehouse in the back. Is the Av. Pepe Guizar location for wholesale sales only? If retail, is it by membership only? Thanks.

  3. I currently get 30 MB download during the daytime with my Telmex service, but many evenings it drops to 6 to 7 MB download, about 1/5 the speed. Telmex is advertising 150 MB download in my area and I’m considering it. But I first want to determine if the reduction in download speed in the evenings will be:

    1.    Proportional to the service I have, that is paying for 150 MB download might result in approximately 1/5 the speed in the evenings (about 30 MB)?

    2.    Or regardless of the service I pay for (30 MB vs. 150 MB), my speeds will be 6-7 MB download in the evenings?


  4. 17 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

    para un cambio de dirección

    You will need to visit in person.  You will need copy (B&W) and original of:

    Your Identification,  Resident card 

    tarjeta de circulación  (registration) 

    comprobante de domicilio  (proof of address) less than  90 days old


    Thanks. Will wait until the January-February refrendo rush is over. Hope there's no penalty for waiting another 5-weeks.

  5. On 1/21/2021 at 10:25 AM, AngusMactavish said:

    Just got back from the Chapala tag office. Four in line with three windows open. In and out in less that 10 minutes. When I left there was nobody in line.


    What time did you arrive there last Thu? Today 12:15pm, the line was out the door, on to the street, maybe 20 folks in line on the street.

  6. From https://mx.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/covid-19-information/ :
    "Effective January 26, all airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel. Alternatively, travelers to the U.S. may provide documentation from a licensed health care provider of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding travel.  ... It applies to U.S. citizens, as well as foreign nationals, regardless of vaccination status."

    It is repeated again on the same webpage:
    "A negative viral COVID test or documentation of recovery is required for anyone traveling by air to the United States, including U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents age two and over, and regardless of vaccination status."

    This appears to undermine confidence in the vaccine. And what happened to having a vaccine passport?

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  7. I’m visiting Mexico City for a week and considering driving to and in Mexico City. Given that I’ve heard about the bad traffic (and possibly restrictions on certain days), would you recommend driving in the city, especially in the Centro/downtown area? Am I permitted to drive a Jalisco plated car every day or are there any restrictions?

    Considering driving because I want to avoid public transit (Metro/buses) in Mexico City due to the pandemic, but will consider flying there and taking taxis/Uber if driving my own car is not advisable. Thanks.

  8. 16 minutes ago, Willie said:

    I went to El Lago Laboratorio Clinico in Chapala on Jaurez right behind the bus station this morning for the PCR  test.  She swabbed both nostrils and another of my throat.  I could have had the result tomorrow but do not need it until Wed...$4000MX.  It took about 15-20 min.   Very clean and observant of sanitary protocols.  She uses an INRE lab for the testing.

    I took the test as a pre requirement for travel.

    Willie, did you setup an appointment or just showed up at 7am? How many people were in line for the test? And if you have a chance, please let us know if the results arrive on time this Wed. Thanks.

  9. 13 hours ago, southland said:

    Thanks Mostly Lost for the info and link: 

    If you need the PCR test for other reasons (like travel)  it is available at Salud Digna  laboratory  in GDL for $950. 


    The above results perhaps come back in 72 hours, so as you say, not good for traveling under 72 hour restrictions to have a recent test in hand.

    Appears to me that paying the 5,000 pesos for a 24 hour test result is the only stress-free way to do this.

    Eg. Flight leaves Thursday, get the test done early Tuesday, hope for Wednesday results, and arrive at destination country latest early Friday, 72 hours from when the test was administered.

    These countries are putting a crimp into traveling, especially travel that requires several connections, and many hours to reach a destination. Even the 24 hour test results don't make this a smooth process, not if going to remoter destinations.

    Requirements vary by destination. My destination requires a negative PCR result within 72 hrs of boarding initial segment of the flight (note: results within 72 hrs, not the test within 72 hrs). So if flight leaves on Thu, one could get the test Thu or Fri before. Add 3 days for results (several labs said Sat is a business day), so results hopefully will be ready on Mon or Tue, within the 72 hour window for the Thu departure.

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