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  1. Thanks for the info. Do they hibernate for part of the year? Is that why they appear in May-June? They seem to fly around for a while at night and next day are motionless or dead.
  2. Thanks. I was asked for QR code last time I traveled as well. Just tried the old form and it re-directs to the new site. I guess the new site replaces the old. The new site requires a login though.
  3. Is there a new form to fill-in when returning to Mexico regarding risk factors for travelers? Last time I traveled, I filled-in a form on https://afac.hostingerapp.com/. But just heard about a new form at https://www.vuelaseguro.com. Is this recent and does it replace the old one? And is there a form to fill-in regarding health risks when leaving Mexico? Thanks.
  4. you can confirm your data is backed up on Android: open the Settings app on your Android phone and tap on System > Backup. There should be a switch labeled "Back up to Google Drive." If it's turned off, turn it on. Once this is done, staff at Telcel should (hopefully) help you transfer all apps and data.
  5. what type of phone do you have: Android, iPhone or Windows? Staff at Telcel store seem to know Android the best. And if you switch, say from iPhone to Android, some apps and data can be transferred, but its more complex, and Telcel staff might be less helpful. If your new phone is the same system, transfer is easy. For the past few years, all three (Android, iPhone and Windows) automatically backup apps/data, unless you or the teens who setup your phone intentionally turned off the backup feature.
  6. Anyone use the long term parking lot at GDL recently? A few questions: 1. Dostortas mentioned "If you go into the discount lot, you can not exit that area without paying or validating your ticket so if it looks full like there may not not be a spot, keep that in mind." It could be tough to gauge from the outside if the lot is full. Is there some other means to determine if its full? 2. If its full, is there another long term parking lot? If not, can I park in the short-term lot? My trip is for 2-days and I think it'll cost me maybe 450 pesos in the short-term lot (cheaper than a one-way car service from Chapala). 3. I've seen cars parked outside the marked areas in the discount lot and no tickets visible on windshields. Is that an option (i.e. to park illegally)? By discount lot/ long-term parking, I'm referring to the left entrance in the image below. if that's not the long-term parking, please correct me. Image source: https://aeropuertoguadalajara.online/en/parking/
  7. Has it been windier that usual this year? It seems like every day since start of February, the winds kick up around 2 or 3pm. I like the breeze/wind, but don't recall it being like this for an extended 3+ months (Feb to now) the prior 2 years. Are these winds common this time of year? Assuming they are contributing (along with dry conditions and low humidity) to the spread of fires in the hills.
  8. Did you or your nephews & nieces setup appointments? If so, how? Is proof of Texas residency needed? Thanks.
  9. Which newer apps do you recommend? And are they on the Amazon App store or do you get them directly from the app developer?
  10. So where will new development expand next: 1) along the Libramiento, 2) Chapala and east, to Santa Cruz de la Soledad, 3) Ajijic West to Jocotepec, or 4) north of Chapala (to Chapala Haciendas and beyond, to Ixtlahuacán)?? Or perhaps all of the above?
  11. Found some outdated posts from 2016 on this topic, so wanted to get the latest. Is there still an Allpoint ATM at Folliati Casino, the casino in Plaza Interlago across from Walmart? And is it fee free for CapitalOne 360 customers? Checking because CI Banco charged me 58 MXN for withdrawal today (up from 17 MXN ~1 yr ago, then 29, to now 58!). Thanks.
  12. if you do have symptoms and your antigen test comes back negative, Chopo does recommend a subsequent PCR test. Per the website (https://www.chopo.com.mx/guadalajara/pruebas-para-covid-19): "Si tu resultado es NEGATIVO es necesario realizar una PRUEBA DE PCR" Of course, if you have symptoms, don't skimp, skip the antigen test and get the PCR.
  13. The U.S. requirement is to show a negative COVID-19 test, taken within three (3) calendar days of departure. You asked about a test on April 24, then spend "a couple of days in Guadalajara." Make sure 3 days don't elapse between your test and your flight.
  14. Is it possible to setup automated recurring 30-day payments on miTelcel or UnDosTres by providing a credit/debit card on the website or app? Do it once and forget it.
  15. Last time I tried, CFE would not accept U.S. credit cards online. Did that change recently?
  16. Its a bill from Telmex USA (not Telmex Mexico) that recently changed it name to Claro Enterprse Solutions. See https://www.telmexusa.com/ : "America Móvil announces its newest US-based subsidiary: Claro Enterprise Solutions. As part of the launch, one of America Móvil’s existing U.S. subsidiaries, Telmex USA, will change its name to Claro Enterprise Solutions." Do you have service from Telmex USA?
  17. I've been to the Surtidor on the main street in Chapala (good prices compared to Soriana) and also noticed a location on Av. Pepe Guizar in Chapala, just before the intersection to the Chapala-Mezcala highway. A small store front with a larger warehouse in the back. Is the Av. Pepe Guizar location for wholesale sales only? If retail, is it by membership only? Thanks.
  18. What is the impact of La Niña and El Niño on Lakeside? More rain or less rain?
  19. Now that's a rarity with Telmex - getting more than one pays for. Thanks for your response.
  20. Unfortunately, ILOX is not offered in my area (yet). However, I do have Telmex fiber and and currently pay for the 30 MB download service.
  21. I currently get 30 MB download during the daytime with my Telmex service, but many evenings it drops to 6 to 7 MB download, about 1/5 the speed. Telmex is advertising 150 MB download in my area and I’m considering it. But I first want to determine if the reduction in download speed in the evenings will be: 1. Proportional to the service I have, that is paying for 150 MB download might result in approximately 1/5 the speed in the evenings (about 30 MB)? 2. Or regardless of the service I pay for (30 MB vs. 150 MB), my speeds will be 6-7 MB download in the evenings? Thanks.
  22. Thanks. Will wait until the January-February refrendo rush is over. Hope there's no penalty for waiting another 5-weeks.
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