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  1. Disposition of the snake matters too. True, coral snakes have more dangerous venom, but they tend to be shy and slither/run away more often than attack. Don't recall the source, but Corals cause about 1-2% of snake bites in Mexico. Rattle snakes are more aggressive. Hence more bites and fatalities due to rattlers here.

  2. 2 hours ago, gringohombre said:

    Any contact info on this Guillermo Cuen guy?

    Guillermo Martinez Cuen - Cédula Profesional: 549059
    Zaragoza 325
    45900 Chapala, Jalisco
    Tel.: (376) 765-2027 / 3760

    As mentioned above, Guillermo is an attorney and partners with this Notario:
    Pascual Avila Perez, Notaria Publica No. 1
    Ixtlahuacan De Los Membrillos, Jal
    376 762 0240 or 376 762 0040

    I don’t think Pascual Avila Perez speaks much English, but Guillermo is fluent in English.

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  3. How do I determine if a car I bought in Mexico is part of the Takata airbag recall? In the U.S., the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a recall search tool (https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls) where I simply enter the vehicle ID #. Is there a similar tool in Mexico? Do dealerships in Guadalajara do the replacement/fix? And is there a way to find out if the fix was already done on my car by the previous owner? Thanks.

  4. Thanks for all the responses. Sounds like (no pun intended) south-side of the Carretera and possibly south-side of the Libramiento is quieter.

    GringoHombre- Yes, I noticed north of the Carretera is pricier and interesting that despite the noise, houses there command higher prices.

    Ferret- I'm assuming you are south of the Carretera?

  5. I'm looking to buy a house in or near San Antonio Tlayacapan, and I'm looking at houses in SAT village, La Floresta (eastern part, closer to SAT), and along the Libramiento. I've observed that homes on the mountain-side (north) of the Libramiento tend to get noise from heavy trucks using Jake Brakes (that "machine gun" or "jackhammer" noise). This seems to occur in the daytime, but I'm unsure how common at night. Generally, how early and how late does one hear Jake Brakes? Is it limited to business hours (8am to 6pm)? Is the noise less on the south-side of the Libramiento vs. the north-side? Can you hear Jake Brakes in La Floresta as well? Thanks.

  6. I’m unable to determine if this app is malicious or not. However, just because an app is working well or the logo says Amazon, doesn’t mean the app is not malicious. It could be working well, but still collect sensitive data and install viruses in the background. I don’t know Rich. Perhaps someone who knows him could check with him and report back?

    I searched the Amazon App store, and surprisingly, did not find any Antivirus Apps there. Anyone know if there is a way to download the Amazon version of Live NetTV app (on to a laptop or phone/tablet) and run a virus scan?

  7. I have tiny ants that are in a bathroom electrical outlet and travel between the electrical outlet and the ceiling. I’ve read several posts on this site about ant issues and tried borax (acido borico) mixed with honey as bait, but they have no interest in the bait. Also tried borax with peanut butter, and then tried borax with sugar. They didn’t work either. Any idea what bait I can use for these little critters? If it helps, the bathroom where the ants are located is on the other end of the house from the kitchen and I don’t have ants in the kitchen, so appears food items might not attract them?

  8. 2 hours ago, Ferret said:

    There is an embossed price at one end of the box of most medications. That is the regulated maximum price that any Farmacia can charge. Many, many Farmacias put a sticker over that price. Be smart, stand your ground. I did in Walmart and got the embossed price. That said, there are also many Farmacias that offer discounts and are knowledgeable about generics (not similares which may contain different ingredients). Farmacia Maskaras is now my go to. Ivan is knowledgeable AND they offer great discounts.

    Are you saying the generics at Farmacia Similares don't contain the same ingredients as the name brand version? I guess the name says it all: "Similares" signifies similar but not the same?

  9. On 8/5/2021 at 5:58 PM, Mostlylost said:

    It is an app for your phone/or pad and you will need to cast to your TV.. or you can view it on you computer and using Chrome and cast as well. (you will need a cast device connected to your TV)

    If you are trying to get the free HBO MAX  you can view it here https://play.hbomax.com/ 

    If you are trying to see the olympic coverage is available on Youtube where Claro has 4 channels https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=claro+sports+en+vivo

    Thanks for all the responses. I don't have a smart TV, but do have a Fire TV Stick attached to my 'non-Smart' TV. I searched the Amazon App store, but did not find a Claro Video app. I did find a Claro Video app on the Google Android app store, but unsure if its possible to install a Google store app on a Fire Stick. I will try to cast it from my Android phone to my Fire Stick (this will be first time trying to cast).

    I initially did try HBO Max on my Fire Stick. It appears to download the U.S. version of HBO Max, then the app tells me it cannot connect to the server. Maybe its because I have a U.S.-based Amazon (Fire TV) account and won't install the Mexican version? I tried using VPN (connected to U.S. servers) and it still gave me the same message. So for now, I'm unable to get HBO Max working.

    Regarding AndyPanda's response that there's a box, I searched the Claro Video FAQ page (https://www.clarovideo.com/fe/sitesplus/sk_telmex/html/esp/faqs.html) and found this:

    Los dispositivos donde podrás disfrutar Claro video son: Navegadores Web (Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox o Edge), tabletas y Smartphone de sistemas operativos Android e iOS, Smart TV (Samsung, Lg, Hisense, Sony), Player de Claro video, Apple TV, XBOX ONE, PS4 y Chromecast.

    Appears "Player de Claro video" is a box/device that's sold by Telmex for 800 pesos: https://www.claroshop.com/amp/producto/484217/

    Note that the Claro Video FAQ page does not mention Fire TV Stick.

  10. How do I get the Claro Video service that comes with Telmex phone & internet? Do I need some type of box/device for the TV? Or is it an app that is installed on a Fire TV Stick or Android device? And is it actually included with Telmex phone & internet service or is it an introductory offer (say 6 or 12 months free, and then pay a monthly fee after that)?

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