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  1. My gardener is getting up in age and asked if he could bring his 15 y.o. grandson to help him. I want to make sure I comply with all laws in this situation. I'd pay the grandson the same wage. The work would happen outside school hours. And I checked Mexico's labor laws, and appears if a minor if 15 y.o., its legal to work as long as parents provide written permission. Any issues with this situation? Anything I need to be aware of?
  2. Sounds like a fancier way of saying "mañana."
  3. Last year, there was a website to pay property taxes (predial) online: https://pagos-chapala.gob.mx The website is not working today. Is this temporary or is there a new alternate website? Anyone able to pay online? Thanks.
  4. Anyone get a Covid vaccine booster in Chula Vista, CA recently? Is showing my passport as ID and vaccine card sufficient? I had my initial Covid vaccine in Texas and my passport was sufficient as ID. Want to check if it’s the same for California, right across from Tijuana. Anything else to be aware of? Thanks.
  5. This maybe off topic, but how does someone try to steal your property? Doesn't a notario have to transfer title to a new owner?
  6. Is this the iron works place next to New Look beauty salon?
  7. I previously checked and reviews seemed positive, but will check again. Thanks.
  8. I'm looking to use Wise.com (formerly Transfer Wise) for the 1st time to move funds from U.S. to a bank acct here. Only local bank info Wise.com is asking for is the CLABE. Is that sufficient? No SWIFT code or other local bank info. needed? This would imply the CLABE has the bank code, branch, etc. embedded in the 18-digits, correct?
  9. I’m interested in this streaming service. What’s the difference between the local provider www.ClearChoice.mx vs. going directly to the non-local Clear Choice TV provider (https://clearchoice.one/)? Any pros/cons?
  10. I did a quick search and found this: Does TextNow Support Verification Codes? https://help.textnow.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500002893921-Does-TextNow-Support-Verification-Codes- Some services do not support TextNow numbers for verification or for setting up 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication). If you're having trouble receiving a receive verification code (or short codes) please reach out to that company's support and verify if they support TextNow.
  11. Thanks for the info. Does Textnow provide a VoIP number or a regular cell phone number? My U.S. bank won't send 2-factor authentication text messages to VoIP numbers anymore. You mentioned Textnow charges a "$4.99 activation fee (a sim card that you now need to pop into a cell phone, which is a one-time operation to register your device / account, and you can ditch it after)." So appears they may provide a regular cell# with the SIM, but unsure how it works after you ditch the SIM?? Does it convert to VoIP or can a regular cell# work without the SIM card? Fongo appears to be VoIP.
  12. In addition to UNO TV, is there a way to stop marketing/spam texts from Telcel?
  13. Maybe they didn't check, but the requirement starting Nov 8th for non-US citizens is to show proof of vaccination. See https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/requirements-for-air-travelers-to-the-us.html : Effective November 8, 2021, all non-immigrant, non-citizen air travelers to the United States will be required to be fully vaccinated and to provide proof of vaccination status prior to boarding an airplane to the United States. For land border access requirement, see https://www.dhs.gov/news/2021/10/29/frequently-asked-questions-guidance-travelers-enter-us : ...non-citizen travelers will be permitted to enter the U.S. through a land border or ferry terminal for a non-essential reason (i.e., tourism), provided they are fully vaccinated and can present proof of COVID-19 vaccination status.
  14. Its cheaper to buy a Volaris ticket to TIJ and I pay CBX directly for the crossing. So appears Volaris is adding a small markup. But want to confirm this is allowed by Volaris? Cedros- I checked the CBX website an hour ago. No info on website about it being closed. https://www.crossborderxpress.com/en/
  15. Volaris has 2 airport codes for Tijuana with different prices: 1. Tijuana (TIJ) 2. Tijuana Cross-Border Xpress (TJX) What's the difference and why the price difference? Does the TJX price include the CBX (Cross Border Express) fee? If so, what if I book to Tijuana (TIJ), then pay the CBX fee directly to CBX instead of Volaris? Is that allowed? Thanks.
  16. Yes, the instructions are on it, and it says "Se recomienda aplicar la cantidad suficiente de producto..." No idea how much "cantidad suficiente" (sufficient quantity) implies, meaning I found the instructions not sufficient. Based on Artsnob and Yo1's reply, I will sprinkle a handful and ensure they stay dry. Thanks.
  17. I read on a post here that Trompa is a recommended product against leaf cutter ants. How much should I use, and how often? 1/2 cup, full cup, entire 450g bottle all at once, etc? Thanks.
  18. Disposition of the snake matters too. True, coral snakes have more dangerous venom, but they tend to be shy and slither/run away more often than attack. Don't recall the source, but Corals cause about 1-2% of snake bites in Mexico. Rattle snakes are more aggressive. Hence more bites and fatalities due to rattlers here.
  19. Guillermo Martinez Cuen - Cédula Profesional: 549059 Zaragoza 325 45900 Chapala, Jalisco Tel.: (376) 765-2027 / 3760 As mentioned above, Guillermo is an attorney and partners with this Notario: Pascual Avila Perez, Notaria Publica No. 1 Ixtlahuacan De Los Membrillos, Jal 376 762 0240 or 376 762 0040 I don’t think Pascual Avila Perez speaks much English, but Guillermo is fluent in English.
  20. In the U.S., I used STA-BIL Small Engine Treatment (https://www.amazon.com/STA-BIL-22304-Engine-System-Cleaner/dp/B00NEG3K5O/) in my lawn mower. It cleans the fuel system. I could order it from Amazon U.S., but want to ask if there is a similar local product here I can get at a Ferrateria or garden store? Its not listed on Amazon Mexico. Thanks.
  21. Heard that the dispute over the La Floresta high-rise by the lake was resolved. Is this accurate? What do they plan to do with the bare-bones structure?
  22. Thank you Cedros and Mostly for the explanation. Do these debris or natural dams exist along the entire Chapala to Jocotepec corridor or are they mostly in the San Juan Cosala area?
  23. How do you check if a car was previously wrecked, stolen, the papers are fraudulent or license plates forged?
  24. Just 3-4 inches of rain did this. Imagine the impact of a severe rain event if it occurs here: Rossiglione, a town in Italy's Liguria province near Genoa, got 29.2 inches of rain in 12 hours over Monday and Tuesday... https://theweek.com/natural-disasters/1005714/a-town-in-italy-just-got-60-percent-of-its-annual-rainfall-in-12-hours
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