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  1. Where can I find good quality Valerian root, either the drops or tablets? Any idea how much it costs? Thanks.
  2. I signed up to receive my CFE bill via email. Now I get about half-dozen marketing emails from CFE around the same time as when I receive the bill. I checked CFE’s website but don’t see a place to unsubscribe to these marketing emails. Is there a way to do so?
  3. From home, I dial *86 to check my Telmex voicemail. Does Telmex have a number I can dial from outside Mexico to do the same? Thanks.
  4. Tape a note asking the mailman, trash guys, etc. to ring your doorbell. And make sure its not the little creep ringing your doorbell...
  5. Yesterday I tried all 3 suggestions at the same time (resetting the modem, VPN, and a different browser). I was able to access Yahoo and Gmail, but unsure which of the 3 fixed the issue. Had the same issue today and first thing I tried was VPN and that fixed it. Perhaps try VPN?
  6. Thanks. I'll try resetting the modem, VPN, and a different browser and see if one or all options help.
  7. Anyone having internet issues with just specific websites since last evening? I can access NY Times, this web board, etc. without issues, but Google Translate, Yahoo, etc. are extremely slow. I checked my internet speed and its showing usual speed for my home, 28-30 mbps download, so appears my internet service is okay.
  8. Another possibility is Scott D. inadvertently entered 11,000 when doing his withdrawal. That would come to about $700-710 Canadian.
  9. Thanks. I will try Farmacia Maskaras and Farmacia Similares. I'm taking 100mg Aspirin b/c my Dr. said the benefits outweigh the risks. YMMV.
  10. Checked 3 times at Walmart and they were out of 100mg Aspirin and Farmacias Guadalajara said they don't have it. Which other pharmacies carry 100mg Aspirin?
  11. Willie, did you setup an appointment or just showed up at 7am? How many people were in line for the test? And if you have a chance, please let us know if the results arrive on time this Wed. Thanks.
  12. Requirements vary by destination. My destination requires a negative PCR result within 72 hrs of boarding initial segment of the flight (note: results within 72 hrs, not the test within 72 hrs). So if flight leaves on Thu, one could get the test Thu or Fri before. Add 3 days for results (several labs said Sat is a business day), so results hopefully will be ready on Mon or Tue, within the 72 hour window for the Thu departure.
  13. Thanks. I guess the phone rep was misinformed.
  14. Laboratorio Clinico El Lago quoted 4000 pesos about a week ago, 3-days for results, or 5000 pesos for 24-hour results. At these prices, wondering if many locals can afford the test and how many show up for the come one come all format at 7:00 in the morning at Laboratorio Clinico El Lago.
  15. I booked a flight, all on one ticket on AeroMexico, departing Guadalajara, then catching an international flight in Mexico City. I had to call to make the reservation, since I had an “open ticket.” The phone rep informed me I had to collect my checked baggage in Mexico City, then re-check the baggage again in Mexico City for the international segment of my flight. 1. Has this occurred to anyone? I thought all airlines transfer checked baggage to subsequent segments of a flight, if all segments are on the same ticket. 2. Do I go through immigration in Guadalajara or Mexico City (submi
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