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  1. When I reload for 30-days (200 pesos) on my Paquetes Amigo Sin LĂ­mite plan at Telcel store in Laguna Mall, I always get 30 days of cellular service. But if I pay the same 30-days (200 pesos) online, I get about 2 weeks of cellular service. Anyone know why this is the case?
  2. Went to Greg's Auto Clinic in Chapala yesterday (on highway to Mezcala, just past Letra CH restaurant). It was closed and didn't see any sign on the gate. Anyone know if Greg closed shop or is he on vacation?
  3. Last time (~2 months ago) I used Citibanamex ATM at Walmart with U.S. debit card, I was charged 31 peso fee. One issue with Citibanamex ATM at Walmart is it limits withdrawals to 6,000 pesos. If I withdraw 12,000 pesos or more at CI Banco, their 58 peso fee is better than 31x2=62 pesos at Citibanamex.
  4. Thanks for providing the link. The Y axis appears to show the level in meters and my translator says Cota = level or height. But 90 meters does not seem correct. The lake is quite shallow. So what does Cota(m) ranging from 90-99 mean? Is it volume? If so, the graph indicates the lake does not change much in volume: a low of 90.8 in 1955 and high of 99.4 in 1935.
  5. Agree, some folks are naturally gifted. I am open to trying the naturally gifted with, say a carpenter, but with my health, ... well, at least I try to do my research.
  6. Is there a way to determine if a local physiotherapist/physical therapist has the requisite qualifications and is licensed/certified to operate? For doctors and lawyers, I have used the websites below. Do the same web sites apply for physiotherapists? https://www.cedulaprofesional.sep.gob.mx/cedula/presidencia/indexAvanzada.action https://cedulaprofesionalsep-gob.mx/ Thanks.
  7. see article in Guad Reporter. Spencer McMullen recommends carrying INM card, due to "recent policy changes." https://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/guadalajara/56751-foreigners-advised-to-carry-immigration-docs
  8. Maybe the larve is what causes my grass to turn yellow? Harmless to people but maybe not to gardens. Is there a treatment for the larve?
  9. Thanks for the info. Do they hibernate for part of the year? Is that why they appear in May-June? They seem to fly around for a while at night and next day are motionless or dead.
  10. Thanks. I was asked for QR code last time I traveled as well. Just tried the old form and it re-directs to the new site. I guess the new site replaces the old. The new site requires a login though.
  11. Is there a new form to fill-in when returning to Mexico regarding risk factors for travelers? Last time I traveled, I filled-in a form on https://afac.hostingerapp.com/. But just heard about a new form at https://www.vuelaseguro.com. Is this recent and does it replace the old one? And is there a form to fill-in regarding health risks when leaving Mexico? Thanks.
  12. you can confirm your data is backed up on Android: open the Settings app on your Android phone and tap on System > Backup. There should be a switch labeled "Back up to Google Drive." If it's turned off, turn it on. Once this is done, staff at Telcel should (hopefully) help you transfer all apps and data.
  13. what type of phone do you have: Android, iPhone or Windows? Staff at Telcel store seem to know Android the best. And if you switch, say from iPhone to Android, some apps and data can be transferred, but its more complex, and Telcel staff might be less helpful. If your new phone is the same system, transfer is easy. For the past few years, all three (Android, iPhone and Windows) automatically backup apps/data, unless you or the teens who setup your phone intentionally turned off the backup feature.
  14. Anyone use the long term parking lot at GDL recently? A few questions: 1. Dostortas mentioned "If you go into the discount lot, you can not exit that area without paying or validating your ticket so if it looks full like there may not not be a spot, keep that in mind." It could be tough to gauge from the outside if the lot is full. Is there some other means to determine if its full? 2. If its full, is there another long term parking lot? If not, can I park in the short-term lot? My trip is for 2-days and I think it'll cost me maybe 450 pesos in the short-term lot (cheaper than a one-way car service from Chapala). 3. I've seen cars parked outside the marked areas in the discount lot and no tickets visible on windshields. Is that an option (i.e. to park illegally)? By discount lot/ long-term parking, I'm referring to the left entrance in the image below. if that's not the long-term parking, please correct me. Image source: https://aeropuertoguadalajara.online/en/parking/
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