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  1. Several entry points to the trails. Are the ejido groups planning to have someone at each entry point to collect fees?
  2. now that restrictions are easing with safety protocols such as masks and appropriate distancing, anyone know if the following are open or when they might open: 1. hiking trails in upper Ajijic, up the hill from Restaurant Min Wah? 2. activities at LCS? 3. parque cristiania in Chapala?
  3. Your response got me interested in learning about vaccine types. Any idea why drug companies are focused on experimental methods (mRNA and DNA methods) that are yet to be proven, instead of attempting to create a vaccine with weakened, dead or inactivated forms of the virus? According to my limited reading, no RNA or DNA vaccines are currently approved for human use, but some DNA vaccines are available for veterinary use.
  4. Drove by Parque Cristiania today and its still closed. Also checked side entrance at the tennis courts and that gate was locked as well.
  5. Thank you for your very helpful feedback.
  6. I’m seeking recommendations for a Periodontist. A friend recommended Dr. Haro’s office, but she did not have any work done by the periodontist that works there - Dr. Luis Miguel de la Isla. Found a discussion on this forum from 2014-2015 that recommended Dr. Edgar Murillo González (works out of Dr. Barragan's office). Any updates on recommendation since 2014-2015 for Dr. Edgar Murillo González? Any recommendations for Dr. Luis Miguel de la Isla or any other local periodontists? Thanks.
  7. The goal of social distancing measures is at slowing the virus. It buys time for gov't/states, hospitals to increase medical supplies (ventilators, PPE, ICE units, etc.) and also to stockpile test kits so life can get back to normal (or as normal as possible), until, 1) Herd immunity is achieved, ideally via a vaccine. Or, 2) Effective anti-viral drugs are developed (some promising drugs being tested). Or, 3) Effective testing and contact-tracing, with selective isolation is in place. Or, 4) The virus mutates to a less virulent form or "goes away" (it's happened before with other viruses). We can't control #4, so we're relying on #1, 2 or 3, plus adequate medical supplies locally. My concern is that I'm not hearing much about Lakeside increases in medical supplies, stock-piling any of the (experimental) anti-viral drugs, increasing testing, etc. So are we looking at some level of quarantines that are “loosely followed” until #1, 2 and/or 3 is achieved? A vaccine could be 6, 12, 18(??) months away. Does the gov't extend quarantines another 2-weeks every 2-weeks, until... what?
  8. I must be doing the wrong thing. Been opening all windows and blinds during the day and then closing windows at bedtime (primarily for security). And temps max around 85 F in my house late afternoon. Will try closing the windows and blinds daytime and see if it works, but the trade-off is I’ll miss the sunshine, the blue skies, the trees, the flowers and the view of the garden during the day. I guess we can’t have it all. Also not sure I’ll be comfortable keeping windows open after bedtime.
  9. Thank you for all the responses. I've narrowed it down to ordering from Amazon.com and have it delivered to iShop (thank you Ferret) or ComputerGuy's suggestion of getting Windows 10 Pro if I buy thru a Mexican vendor ("Windows Pro allows you to download a language pack of any kind.") I'm not a typist and should be able to get used to the Spanish keyboard if I go with the latter. Agree, not looking to take a Mexican typing class anytime soon
  10. I’m looking to buy a laptop in Mexico and prefer Windows 10 in English and an English language keyboard. I’ve asked around and was informed that may not be easy Lakeside or in Guadalajara. After searching online I found a laptop and it states: “Windows 10, 64 bits, inglés, francés, español [Incluido en el precio]” so I’d assume the Windows in English part is covered, correct? What about the laptop keyboard? During setup, if I select English as the language, will the non-alphabetic and non-numeric characters function as noted on the Spanish language keyboard? On Spanish keyboards it appears “6” shares the key with “&” (English has 7 and & sharing a key), the ”>” and “<” are in different locations, etc. I can get used to these differences, but any other drawbacks with buying a Windows laptop in Mexico and setting it up to work in English? In the event the keyboard gets messed up after setting English as the language, is it possible to use a standalone English language keyboard via a USB port? Thanks.
  11. from https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-03-12/mexico-not-planning-to-restrict-international-travel-health-official MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico said on Thursday it was not planning to clamp down on international travel to the country or close its borders due to the coronavirus outbreak despite major U.S. curbs announced a day earlier. Anticipating the arrival of thousands of tourists from North America in the spring break holiday period, Mexico's government said it saw no grounds yet to follow tougher measures taken by an increasing number of countries trying to stop the virus. Standing alongside President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell said there was no scientific evidence that tightening access to ports of entry would play a significant role in protecting public health. "Restricting international travel to Mexico is not planned, nor is it being considered. Nor is closing borders or maritime ports," he told a regular government news conference. Screening travelers at points of departure could, however, help prevent the spread of the virus, Lopez-Gatell noted.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Signed up for a Google Voice number and one of my banks accepted the number. However, my other bank did not. Received a message "Please enter a valid mobile or landline phone number." Perhaps the bank has a way to determine if its a mobile vs. VoIP number? Then did a web search and found that there are some banks that reject Google Voice numbers (see https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32116401-VOIP-numbers-are-often-not-accepted-for-identity-verficiation).
  13. I’m looking to add my Telcel mobile number to my NOB bank accounts and tried to do so online, but the websites only allow a number in the NOB format (xxx-xxx-xxxx) and don’t allow me to add the MX country code. So I’m debating whether to call my banks’ customer service and ask if I can replace my NOB cell number with a MX cell number. Could this raise questions with the bank, even though I have a NOB address on my accounts? Could the banks close my accounts? Both my banks send me text alerts and I need a mobile# to receive those alerts. How have you handled this scenario? I did search this forum and found one thread where someone said they use a Skype phone# with their NOB accounts (https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/62299-banking-questions/). Skype or other VoIP phone number is an option but wanted to check if there are other options as well (besides maintaining a NOB mobile#)? Also wondering if adding a Mexican mailing address to my accounts will allow me to add my MX mobile#, but not sure I want to go that route. Thanks.
  14. A few months ago, work started on a 3rd lane on the south side of the Libramiento, which I believe is also going to be a bike path. Anyone know if they plan to finish that job? Haven't seen any work done on it in a few weeks.
  15. Bought 2 identical items of gym clothing at Walmart recently. Made the mistake of trying on only one item, then picked 2nd identical one off the rack without trying it on. 2nd item had exact size on outside label, but after I wore it a few days later, it didn’t fit. The inside label shows a size 2x larger. I’m unable to locate the receipt, but since the item is new, I have the outside tag/label still attached. Anyone know if Walmart in SAT will do exchanges of clothing without the receipt, but with the outside label still attached? [Note to self: 1) try all clothing items, 2) check inside labels; 3) keep receipts]
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