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  1. Things are out of control in Texas that is for sure. Part of the reason Washington's numbers were much lower is Texas' population is over 4 times greater than Washington. Washington also instituted much stricter shutdown guidelines than Texas did. They instituted them very early as Washington was one of the first hotspots and did a much better and more cohesive job than Texas ever did. I for one do not believe the numbers in Mexico even remotely reflect the true number of cases. Of the 30 most highly impacted countries worldwide Mexico is ranged 26th in the number of tests administered, 7,286 per million people. There are many other poor countries that have much higher testing rates then we have here in Mexico https://www.statista.com/statistics/1104645/covid19-testing-rate-select-countries-worldwide/
  2. With all due respect and I am not attacking you but this statement you have made really has no medical basis in research right now "“For many diseases, it can take years before we fully characterize the different ways that it affects people,” said nephrologist Dan Negoianu of Penn Medicine. “Even now, we are still very early in the process of understanding this disease.” This is something that must be a major consideration at the present time and for the future. Here is a study from JAMA about cardiovascular issues related to COVID-19 https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamacardiology/fullarticle/2768916 Studies may be difficult to read. I can read them only because I was in the medical field for many years. If not they would be almost impossible to get through. This is a story regarding this study which is definitely more interestingly written. https://www.statnews.com/2020/07/27/covid19-concerns-about-lasting-heart-damage/ This is an article from the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6930e1.htm Finally this story about possible brain function and damage caused by COVID-19 https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200622-the-long-term-effects-of-covid-19-infection The point is that COVID can be far more damaging even in asymptomatic people than we know. In every study I read scientists stress one very important fact over and over again. It is still very early in the life of this virus. Much of the scientific community's efforts are in care, vaccine development and pharmacological treatments to immediately address the virus. Long term study must be initiated worldwide with well structured randomized, double blinded studies, peer reviewed studies as well as treatment protocols etc for those who have developed morbidities because of COVID.
  3. Hi, Sorry I have not gotten back to you. We have had a death in the family. Let us definitely stay in touch. I will be contacting you soon. Thanks
  4. Hi and thanks for that information. When we lived in DF we went to 10MB with Telmex and even after our nephew (who is a computer whiz and heads a department at a corporation for cyber security) worked on it he said the best we could expect was about 6 or 7. Granted this was 5 years ago. It doesn't look like it has improved that much. We will be moving at the end of July with a September 1 move in date so we will immediately go to the offices of Telmex and iLox and see where we stand with things. Hope one day we can meet. I am sure my wife would love to meet a fellow Chilanga!
  5. Just sent you an private message. Hope to hear from you soon.
  6. Thanks for the tip. If I have to I will switch. When it comes to cell phone companies I have about as much loyalty to them as they have to me. So that is none.
  7. Living in Mexico City and now in Bucerias we have used Telmex for years. I would assume Telmex (infinitum) and Telcel are the same as they are controlled by our benevolent friend Carlos Slim. In Mexico City and PV you go to a Telmex office for internet/telephone/tv and Telcel for your cell phone. I switched a few years ago from Telcel to AT%T and as time goes by I like AT&T service better than Telcel. When I go back to visit family in the States it is definitely better. We have always found the internet service spotty and often slow in both Mexico City and in Bucerias and have had very long wait times for service. That is a big reason we would like to switch. We are using Sky for basic TV cable now. I believe that we have this box in our home as well. I assume we do because when we have issues it seems that any new networks that are established and new passwords are done by the customer service rep on the telephone. One thing we have noticed is that when a new network is set up it seems to fix the problem really well for a few days and then not so much after that. When I look at available networks now I see we have had 5 different ones since we have moved in 4 years ago. Guess I am going to have to find out who is best for Riberas. Thanks for your help.
  8. I will send you a message thanks and describe my needs.
  9. I think I need to find an engineer. My wife's daughter is at Techno Monterrey in Guadalajara studying engineering but she has just started ugggg!
  10. Hi all, Would love your help. My wife and I are building a house in RIberas del Pilar. We will be moving at the end of July. I have been living in Mexico for 7 years and I met my wife when I lived in Mexico City. We have been living in Bucerias for the last 4 years. We have two questions. When it comes to internet. I have seen some good information about the internet providers in the lake area. We have used Telmex in both Mexico City and here in Bucerias. The service and reliability has been less than spectacular. We have always had the basic cable package with 10MBs (is that the right way to write it? See I am such a technology wiz!) My wife must have her telenovelas and every basic package has that. I would like to add ESPN 3 as I want to be able to watch more college football games whenever it is safe for those kids to play. We also use the internet phone quite a bit. I would like to get a higher speed package if possible. So my question is two fold, overall what experiences have you had with the reliability of the different providers i.e. instillation and customer service, outages and who has good reliable service that the speed advertises comes close to the speed delivered. Second question is for those of you who have solar panels. My home is about 180 square meters (2,000 square feet more or less) It is one floor. Can anyone recommend a good company that installs solar panels and given the size of my home how many panels are needed and can you ballpark cost? I would really appreciate any and all help. Thanks to all and stay safe and hope to meet some of you soon.
  11. I received my check about 3 weeks ago. I went on the website many times and received the same notice "Payment status not available". This went on for a while. Then about a week before I received my stimulus check the notice changed and said that on such and such a date your check will be deposited into your account. It did not say how much I would receive but when I woke up the morning that the government said my check would be deposited, it was there. As I am receiving my Social Security payment by direct deposit I did not have to do anything except wait. I had read earlier, I believe in the New York Times that checks would go out to people based on a schedule of need. People who were of lower income groups, I guess based on their tax returns or lack thereof, would get their checks first. People who had higher incomes would have to wait in many cases until July. I read that just after the stimulus package passed. I have no idea if that information is still accurate or not. I did not have to file a return last year. I filed for this year and submitted it in late March. I have no idea if that played any factor in when I received my check.
  12. I have no idea who Jose is and I agree there are scammers everywhere. I am sorry if you may have misunderstood my post. Or maybe I wasn't clear. I was just speaking generally about cost of services here in Mexico.
  13. I have lived in Mexico City and Vallarta. In Mexico City foreigners call it the Gringo tax. Luckily my wife is Mexican. WHENEVER we have to do any repairs in the house or on the street or make any kind of financial transactions, even going to the market that do not have prices fixed and listed I am no where to be seen or heard. It is just a fact of life. Not every transaction will be like this but many are. There is also what I would call for a lack of a better word, an underground economy, that foreigners truly do not have an understanding of. In Mexico City I was the only Gringo, to my knowledge, in my Colonia. Here in PV I do not live in an expat area. In Mexico and PV almost all my friends are Mexican. I am the only non Mexican at my real estate company. My wonderful Mexican family treats me like a king. My sister in laws are the best. My friends, my co-workers and family all look at me as one of them not as an expat American. I get a completely different perspective than many people so I hear and participate in conversations that most expats would not. There have been countless times friends and family have told me that they would not talk like this in front of a foreign person. Most times it is not because of negativity it is because of a lack of understanding, and especially in Puerto Vallarta where most locals are kind and generous to expats because it is who they are and who their economic well being relies on But the universal opinion is the belief that they like their foreign neighbors and appreciate what they bring but that most ex-pats want to recreate the lifestyle they had in the US or Canada, live among people they are comfortable with, ie other gringos and do not really adapt to their new country, but want Mexico to adapt to them. I think I have really gotten to understand some of the culture and lifestyle of every day Mexicans and I know as much as I am accepted I will always have something new to learn and some things I will probably never learn and understand but just accept. The workings of the day to day economy of Mexico and its people is probably the biggest one I will never truly get. Just my opinion and maybe it isn't worth the paper it is written on.
  14. I live in Puerto Vallarta and when I got something notarized at the consulate in Nuevo Vallarta it was $50.00US.
  15. Westjet will not have direct flights from PV to Vancouver until high season starts in November.
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