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  1. Tom, Thank you for your informative defense of ILOX. I have been in the computer business since 1984 and in the Aerospace telemetry business for 20 years prior to that. I have a reasonable knowledge of transmission of data. If you did the math, you are right I am getting up in years. I used the fast.com site as suggested by ILOX and was getting a 40 to 60 Mbs speed on a hard wired connection to my desktop but a miserable WIFI speed at 1 meter from their modem and about 5 to 12 mbs at 20 meters. After trying 8 or 10 different speed test sites, I found that stanford.speedtest.googlefiber.ne
  2. I have had ILOX installed for 38 days and was not pleased with the quality of the WIFI (was no better than Telmex, Telcel or ATT). I bought the 100 mbps package, hoping I would get at least half of that. I could not get over 60 Mbps on any of the test programs and only sporadically. So, went to ILOX office and had a discussion with young lady (very Nice, but no help). She gave an email address to send emails. I sent emails and ILOX responded, but no help. I got an email from a Mr. Godinez (the ILOX TELECOM IP address is registered in his name), he assured me that I was getting 100
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