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  1. He may drive for Uber, but if you call him on his personal phone you are NOT receiving Uber service, Uber prices, or Uber safeguards. The only way to use Uber is through the Uber App.
  2. I'm so f'ing glad it is the way it is here in Mexico and I hope the sh*t stirrers among us never get their wish to be more like our northern neighbors. I've had crappy dental work done on both sides of the border and I've sucked it up and moved on because life is too darn short to spend my time ruminating over what amounts to nada. I suggest some of the whiners and complainers on these boards do the same or, make the choice to scurry northward where they believe they are protected from life by laws, boards of one kind or another, and the ability to sue anyone and everyone who farts in their direction.
  3. One can only wonder why a 2 1/2-year-old request is being responded to today. Strange.
  4. I'm always a bit dismayed when I hear people advocate doing end-runs around the law, especially when they're suggesting someone else do so. This response applies to getting a fake Mexican DL, too.
  5. This is why concierges charge $1800 pesos. They ensure you have what you need in the correct formats so you don't get there without what you need. Why pay less only to have a major kerfuffle and not be able to get your license? I'm cheap when it comes to paying others to do things I'd like to do for myself, but a little common sense tells me sometimes the cheap can turn out to be expensive.
  6. I took a cart full of electrolytes, water, fruit. and bar-type snacks by earlier today and they were very grateful to be receiving support from the community. I am guessing that leather work gloves and tools like sturdy hoes, shovels, and machetes would be appreciated, too. Also, the American Legion is collecting items to be delivered to the Bomberos as well.
  7. FuMiGa- Libertad 240, San Antonio Tlayacapan, 45900 Ajijic, Jal. 33 1464 6705
  8. Luzma Grande is a concierge and does this regularly. - http://chapalamls.net/member-offices/luzma-grande
  9. Thank you for the recommendation. I went to their website but it won't allow me to enter dates of travel or select airports. For those who are more technically savvy, is this a browser issue perhaps? I use Chrome and have had this issue on other sites.
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