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  1. If you're addressing Sonia, you might look up http://www.soniadiaz.mx/ She is perhaps the most well informed poster on this board and many others.
  2. UPDATE: It was nice while it lasted, but then back to connected..not connected..connected...not connected. This time I called and they said the "system is unstable". No shit, Sherlock!! "They'll be working on it." I used the report feature on the Telmex app about 5:00 last night and things are much improved today. You need to understand and write spanish to use it effectively.
  3. In the face of the extreme importance to the entire community that we remain at home for an extended period of time, that people install and use the CFEContigo App on their smartphones. Don't have a smartphone? If ever there was a time that calls for this absolutely necessary tool, this is it. You cannot trust you'll have electricity or internet and if you get sick, how do you think you can get help (what little help might be available??) without a cell phone? No one should be running to OXXO or Walmart to pay bills and it troubles me that so many extranjeros simply don't or won't accept the fact that they need to plant their butts in their easy chairs and stay the F at home. If you aren't concerned for your own life, please understand that your selfishness will send ripples outward. Oh, I highly recommend reading up on what the end of life with the pneumonia from this virus looks like. I wouldn't wish that death on anyone. Queda en Casa= Remain at Home!!
  4. Why pay monthly for what you can have for free with a Firestick? IMO, that's dumb. We're both numpties with tech stuff and within a day or two had more TV, movies, sports, live news etc. than we'll ever watch with a Firestick (bought new from Amazon.mx)
  5. Given the current situation...fly north and a necessary self quarantine of two weeks. Then a week of whatever they plan to do. Fly south and a necessary self quarantine of two weeks before leaving the house. Why do I think there's not a chance in hell they'll abide by this?
  6. Every phone and tablet we have purchased in the last 5-6 years has come with a phone to HDMI cable and an HDMI to electric outlet gizmo. I seldom use just the phone to HDMI to charge my phone because it's too darn slow and if I shut the source of the HDMI output off it ceases charging.
  7. https://ca.style.yahoo.com/fact-check-could-december-cough-022649986.html "Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, said he believes when researchers do more testing, they will probably find the disease was in the U.S. earlier than first believed." And you can bet your bippy if it was in the U.S. earlier. it was here earlier. Think of when all the snowbirds flood in from NOB.
  8. Exactly! I don't know why so many insist on paying for service when it can be had for FREE!
  9. How does one get them delivered? I don't feel comfortable going to the Black Coffee pick-up point.
  10. We can only hope that he is successful in getting the airports closed.
  11. Everything will have changed by then. It will be a minimum of 6 months to a year before it "moves on".
  12. I have sent them two messages concerning the incomplete orders and no refunds. I suggest everyone who has lost money this way do the same.
  13. This should stir a few folks up, but a large group of us are relatively certain we already had the virus over the winter. In our cases, we were both sick for over two months and all our very competent doctor could tell us was that we had a virus. There are also groups in the U.S. filled with people who believe the same, and all of the members experienced prolonged illnesses outside the norm. Yes, there are people who would like us to believe this started in a market in Wuhan, but we believe there is a good chance this is the result of biological warfare and the strains have been getting more and more virulent as it has been intentionally spread. Wuhan just happened to get a NOVEL coronavirus that spread across the world uncontrollably. I'm not here to argue. I won't be back to read what the naysayers write. If I planted a seed that gets people to think, that's all that matters. Stay well and look out for yourselves.
  14. I'll be picking mine up at Black Coffee, noon on Monday. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Don't worry about the map UNLESS it is off by a State. Just make certain your address is keyed in correctly, including state and zip code. One word of caution- if you order and pay for $1000 worth of goods, but some are out of stock, your card will still be charged the full amount of your initial order. When the delivery is made you only sign for what is actually delivered. WM owes me over $300, and although the full amount charges have cleared BBVA, no refunds have appeared on my account. I won't use them again until I receive a refund.
  16. What a damn shame! For the wellbeing of all residents, both Mexican and expats, if you are not willing or able to self-quarantine (NO CONTACT!) for a MINIMUM of 2-weeks on arrival here, do not cross the border. There will be a shit-storm here soon enough and anyone who thinks the medical system here is up to handling it is delusional. Our only hope if for people to remain where they are- in Canada, in the US, in the Mexican town they reside in, and better yet AT HOME and stop spreading this. Asymptomatic does not equate to virus free!
  17. We prepaid our workers for 5 weeks and took a large load of fresh produce and household supplies to them just ahead of the shutdown. The wife always brings us food she has cooked and the husband does all the things we can't do, from gardening to keeping our solar panels and tubes clean. We're on the poor end of the financial spectrum, but these folks are deserving of what little we have to give.
  18. I have more or less 5 meters of elastic that you're welcome to. Tell me when you want to pick it up and I'll hang the bag on the gate. PM for directions. We're in Chapala Haciendas.
  19. The problem is NOT the food. The problem is the packaging the food comes in. This virus favors metal and plastic. If the chef, unbeknownst to him, is an asymptomatic carrier, he will pass it on via the packaging. If you order food in take away containers and plastic bags wear gloves when handling them or, first dispose of all packaging then disinfect the surface you sat it on and wash your hands thoroughly before touching anything.
  20. I agree. We are in no way out of the woods and won't be for weeks. Misinformation of this type is injurious to all.
  21. If Simapa must apply to governmental laws regarding one's right to water, they can't/won't turn it off. Morosos in our fracc have their water severely reduced, but the law forbids shutting it off entirely.
  22. You apparently didn't read this part- FROM THE SECRETARIA DE SALUD. You know, sorta like the Surgeon General in the US, who in situations involving the health and well being of the people uses, wait for it...SCIENCE to dictate policy. I don't argue with $%&/()s, so I'm outta here before I address the jesus/god/invisible amulets in the sky business. Yes, I said $%&/()s and you can bet I mean it.
  23. Why pay in advance? Go to the CFE app or their website, the same with Telmex and use your Multiva card to pay what you owe. You can access it if you are here in Mexico or out of the country. You can also buy your Telmex airtime on the Telmex site.
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