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  1. The OP is the first post, found y scrolling all the way up. The info you need(ed) is as quoted- H Wayne Renz 766 1860 taxexpat@aol.com I can make house calls. Tax papers can be forwarded to me from anywhere. Extensions can be done.
  2. Did you try the phone number in the original post? He also offered an email address if the phone numbers aren't an option.
  3. A power pole fell across the Guad/Chapala carretera near the Sane hot sauce plant. Traffic into Chapala had to be re-routed until CFE made the repair. CH, Brisas, and pretty much all of Chapala was affected. The first "gusts" sounded like a tornado, so it's no surprise that trees and power poles fell.
  4. SurtiWash on calle Pepe Guizar in Chapala. Find them on FB and you can make an appointment. Pleasant, shaded waiting area, clean baño, and good tacos close-by.
  5. Azucena Bateman-Campos is who we used to draw up the proper paperwork and determine what we needed to pay in finiquito when we discharged a house cleaner. Easy to work with, reasonably priced, and fast. She also facilitated both our Temporales y Permanentes.
  6. Would everyone like to welcome back "Eric Blair", "Clueless", or previous incarnations I might not be able to name. Personally, I would suggest to David that he let those who 1) know what actually happened recently, 2) are schooled in Mexican law, and 3) are the products of Mexican culture do their jobs without his interference. Chapala Haciendas got run through the wringer by the same attorney (F) who has been discussed on this board. They also hired the wrong firm to dig a well. Meanwhile, a global pandemic struck and we all know the disruptions this caused. They have recently hired a new, sharp, young abogado and a well educated contador who are working with the BOD to sort things out, recover some money if possible, and put us on the right track. The last thing our fracc needs is someone who is clueless- doesn't speak the language, doesn't understand the culture, is not a lawyer in Mexico, and who can't hear well enough to have heard jack squat at the AGM- mucking about and acting the know-it-all. I might add, fracc business should remain fracc business and not be thrown to the wind to see who reads it.
  7. The only one we encountered mid-week was on the far side of San Juan Tecomatlan heading to Mezcala.
  8. They stopped moving people quite a while ago.
  9. Ferret, may I please have the address of iShop you had it sent to? Do you have it sent with your name % iShop or what? Possibly a stupid question, but does all mail sent to that address come to the iShop here in SAT?
  10. Given the increased use of the internet due to QuedaEnCasa the system has been reported by Telmex as "unstable". Be glad when you have it, report it to Telmex when you don't.
  11. Until there is a well proven vaccine that I have had, as well as cheap treatment that has been tried on thousands without side effects my butt will remain parked. We cannot afford , physically or financially, to be sick, and mentally I cannot bear the thought of spreading the virus.
  12. Seguro Popular no longer exists. The fee to see a good doctor here is extremely reasonable and one should have a relationship with one for a variety of reasons. No way could you pay me to spend hours waiting to see a Dr. in a local clinic right now. Seriously, not worth the risk.
  13. How is your "practically impossible" more important than the perceived need of the other person to park there? If it is in front of a gate, one would assume it is the gate and residence of the person parking and they have a right to do so. When leaving, give yourself an extra minute or two to maneuver out of your parking space and keep a peaceful relationship with your neighbor. They could be doing something(s) far more disturbing to your peace.
  14. It's beyond outrageous, but we shall not get political here. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  15. All roads into the area are blocked. You will be asked to show proof of residency. If you cannot prove residency you will be refused entry. Mexico is just entering Phase 3 and I would think restrictions on movement will get tougher, not more relaxed in the coming weeks. There are exceptionally good reasons for staying put right now, not the least of which is not bringing the virus to this area. Just because you "feel fine" means nothing and your Uber driver or anyone from Guad is likely a rolling petri dish.
  16. Who cares? You are a selfish, inconsiderate individual for ignoring what little has been asked of you by your community and the country that gave you a place to live. May you be lucky and avoid contagion and that is the nicest thing I can find to say.
  17. They had a "giveaway" event in the pavilion at the office. I don't recall how the information about the event was disseminated, but most likely by email. All you had to do was give them your address and they gave you a brand new Infinitum modem. At the time, our house was still being rehabbed and we certainly didn't know why this was such a big deal. I do now.
  18. Good point. It's been a while since I've used the website and I remember that learning to navigate it took me some time, even using Chrome. For me, it was like shuffling through a huge pile of papers to find the one page I needed. I like to open the App (no sign in needed) and the image that comes up is what I owe or don't owe. The words PAGAR and RECIBOS are easy to see on the same page. It is good we have options because we don't always have electricity or internet service...jajaja. Thank goodness cell service is still pretty reliable.
  19. It clearly works for those who know how to use it. Be patient, take a deep breath, and try the APP again. Remember, one mis-keyed or made up number and they won't accept your registration. And, if you don't know a word like "lada" take a moment and look it up for gosh sakes.
  20. Use. The. App Seriously, it is 100 times easier and what it takes forever to accomplish on the computer is over and done in a minute or two.
  21. We all received new modems three years ago after the new wiring for the hotel across the way included the Haciendas. I doubt they're going to give us all new ones this soon after the last distribution.
  22. Please. If you are anywhere other than here, stay put! Thus far we are not in the middle of a crisis because of strong, positive actions by our Governor and Mayor. Everything non-essential is closed and no one was allowed into the area for Semana Santa. The roadblocks were very effective. All malecons are closed, all restaurants are closed except for take-out or delivery, all trails are closed, and most people are remaining in their homes as instructed. I do not see this magically changing on May 1st. The mayor has politely asked all Paisanos (people from the area living NOB) to NOT return home for their annual visits. He has also politely asked ALL extranjeros to NOT travel NOB and return to this area. That, my friend, would include that people already NOB remain there. To give you an idea of what a tragedy this might become here, the regional hospital is PROUD to have 10-ventilators. TEN. For the entire population of the lake, both north and south shores. Guadalajara? The infection rate there is steadily climbing as is the death toll, so if any of the locals are looking there for medical care, best of luck. I know this isn't the information you asked for, but you need to know that now is not the time to come here, especially from a country with one of the highest infection rates in the world, if not the highest. Queda en Su Casa- alli, no aqui.
  23. We also reported to Telmex from CH and although the intermittent connectivity issue has seemingly been resolved, we've dropped from a steady 14-15 to half that. You reported a day before us, I believe, so maybe they're "working on it".
  24. $75/hr and we employ him throughout the year. Some want him only sometimes and to our way of thinking, that is not fair to him. We also give him an extra $500 from time to time and $1000 in December, as well as un prestamo whenever he asks.
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