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  1. Seems to me that would best be answered by the CA DMV. The price of those tags makes me glad I left CA for good in 2001. Holy shit!
  2. I Googled "how to use ms access database" and there are numerous YouTube videos and written instructions. I have taught myself a lot of things I never dreamt of doing using YouTube. Just a suggestion.
  3. You are replying to a 2 year old post. If they needed it and didn't get it, they're probably dead by now.
  4. You "cannot receive messages" so here's what I wrote- I have a 2001 Toyota Sienna that we bought and used to move down 2.5 years ago. It does NOT have current tags, so buyer would be responsible for title change before leaving Mexico. Current expired tags are from Oregon. Before leaving Oregon we had all major services performed including all new belts, hoses, transmission flush and fill, two new front tires (back were fairly new already), new battery, and new brakes including drums turned. I've kept up oil changes every 3,000 miles and at this time the only thing I see that she needs is new wiper blades, but being from Oregon I'm picky about those. She runs great and fully loaded including a roof pack she handled the mountains with no problem. She has only two front seats as we ditched the rest for max cargo space. The interior is in good shape and the exterior has no major damage. The power door is no longer "power", but works fine manually. I would be looking for around $80,000. Willing to negotiate for cost of new plates and tags in state of your choice. If you're interested, email me at carlabuchanan1@gmail.com or whattsap 331 157 8718 - phone calls are NOT good for me.
  5. Read what RVGRINGO wrote. He bought his MAC in Guadalajara for very good reasons.
  6. Concerning the efficacy of generics in Mexico- http://qroo.us/2017/02/06/can-you-trust-the-generic-drugs-in-mexico/
  7. And should you choose Chapala as your new residence, you too will be a Chapalense Forum members who hail from Canada are Canadienses. Starting to see a pattern?
  8. I wouldn't be walking today if I didn't see Lolita on Calle Degollado, one block west of the recuadora, once a week. No English, bare bones studio, $400 for one+ hours, keeps my spine and hips aligned with a modality I've not seen before, is certified in homeopathy, and she is now well into her studies for acupuncture. Certificates on the wall and perhaps one or more are licenses. 331 076 9881
  9. I have seen and sat in recliners made by Cadillac and they are very nice and I have seen many pieces upholstered by Handy Artistic and they are very well done.
  10. I copied LNB, right clicked, and "search Google" for this- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-noise_block_downconverter
  11. "I am used to pay for everything with a credit card for consumer protection as well as all the points i would get from a $20k purchase but mainly its for the protection." You won't be doing that here in Mexico, along with many other things you are accustomed to. Now is a good time to decide if you're ready to leave a lot of old baggage behind, because if you're tied to these ideas of doing things you'll not be happy here IMO. There are a couple of honest dealers here who can get you whatever you want, new or used, and they check that everything is in order. They accept cash or bank transfer only. You will find that consumer protections here are limited, so if this is an issue make certain the dealership you buy from is 1) close by and 2) has a warranty in writing (how's your Spanish?).
  12. Furniture and household goods are highly sought after here. Most that doesn't go directly to the Bazars (second hand stores) is either sold at private sales or is posted on the local FB page Beg Barter Buy and Sell. Here's the link. The private sales are posted there as well. There's not much you can actually do until you are physically here. https://apps.facebook.com/groups/785666514831385/?ref=bookmarks
  13. Something else to consider if you or others haven't already. You hear a lot about opioid dependency and withdrawal, but relatively little about benzo's. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7841856
  14. "TelMex routers are notorious for refusing to accept port-forwarding." That's as good as you'll get to a resolution.
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