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  1. That happened to a friend. When they came calling several years later they not only demanded the original amount owed but an outrageous amount of interest. When my friend couldn't pay, she lost the house.
  2. Aguagente replaces filters as part of their package. All the water you can use, great company with great service and a year is cheaper than one set of those ^^^ filters. Message me with your contact info if you would like the rep to contact you. Refer 6 friends who sign up and your water is free.
  3. She needs to run, not walk away from that "contractor". He will continue this until she has been bled dry. Been there.
  4. They are easy enough to set or reset yourself. There are plenty of written instructions via Google and videos via Youtube. At some point we all need to make our own adjustments.
  5. Not at that station! What a traffic nightmare, AKA a clusterf**k! I'm cheap and always look for good deals, but if it means going to that station, forget about it.
  6. His name is Antonio REGALADO. He can be found on FB doing business under the name- r&r new and used cars and car solutions Yes, he is very good to work with whether renting or buying.
  7. That would be a question to ask the brothers who own the store. Both speak English. They are on FB or their contact info can be found by using Google.
  8. That is exactly the same app that I use, both on my PC and phone. Same login info, same format, and same available info. Scanning the code did take a few tries, but since installing it I have never had to make trips to CFE, nor pay OXXO to pay a bill. That I personally find a waste of $$ and time. But, hey, whatever floats yer boat
  9. Took that advice once and the UBER ride to Zapopan was over 2-hours in horrific traffic. Personally, if I'm going to be stuck on the road I'd rather be stuck in the bus than a car. Gave the driver a nice tip, but he still lost out on that ride.
  10. Because options are limited and speeds vary block-by-block, I would suggest asking my closest neighbors first. Answers here may not apply to your specific location unless you luck out and one of your neighbors is on this board and replies.
  11. Novel thought here...give your doctor a call, Whattsapp, text message or IM and ask a professional.
  12. Keep in mind that bugs of all types love to crawl beneath rugs, dog beds and anything else that provides what they perceive to be a safe, dark home. While roaches may just startle you, the sting of a scorpion will wake you right up.
  13. Why you continue to spew this utter nonsense is beyond me.
  14. Why indeed? I was trained NOB many years ago and my Mexican trained therapist is better by far than I ever was and better than the majority of the instructors I studied under.
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