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  1. Juan Carlos Zamora is an excellent carpenter who can make you one at a fraction of the Amazon prices. 331 357 5637
  2. Posted by one of the local news sources 21 minutes ago- "The search to locate the man who entered the #Chapala lake in the #Ajijic dock area is still in progress. Joel Adolfo, 31, entered the lake to look for a ball, but it didn't come out anymore. It was around seven in the afternoon when some children played on the dock with a ball, but it went to the lake, so Joel launched to retrieve it, but according to the version of relatives, he was spotted and then submerged in water."
  3. P.S. In the event it isn't intuitive, never walk barefoot in your home or yard.
  4. We had a fairly serious infestation of every bug imaginable when we bought our house, and with small Chihuahuas we couldn't risk them being stung. We did exactly what the two posters above suggested and we continue to spray outside and inside regularly. We occasionally get a scorpion in the house or find one outside, but they are usually on their deathbed because they have crossed at least one line of Cynoff on their way in. Cynoff is also sold at most ferreterias, too, which is where you'll by your pump sprayer. Cheap and easy and as Mark said, once dry it is not a problem for pets.
  5. For the items not including the iron work- Alberto Farias 331 706 9407 He is excellent with all things electrical and plumbing and isn't about cleaning aljibes and tinacos. He is busy, but well worth waiting for.
  6. Rather than piggy backing on a 4 year old post, please start a new thread.
  7. I second Cynoff. Available at most ferreterias and garden shops. Much better than Home Defense and WAY cheaper.
  8. That's good to hear! It's actually on the shady side of the house, so the main threat will be the weeds they never pull, some of which are quite pokey. Covering it will save my hands as pulling them from my side inevitably ends with me bleeding.
  9. That helps a lot and I've been in that area (bus and then taxi for me). I didn't realize they can "rig" it for you with the grommets...bonus!
  10. Even on overcast days we have HOT water and more than we can use. Love, love, love it!
  11. Ron Magen ron@solartechnology.com.mx
  12. Go Solar did a superb job of figuring out our need for both solar hot water and electric. Six months in and the savings have been dramatic, both in no gas usage for hot water and minimal bills from CFE vs. the $3,000- $3,500/2-mths. we were paying. We have a small 2/2 house with most of the roof covered with tiles, but Go Solar's team fit a LARGE solar water heater in a small space along with the solar panels. I highly recommend his team and their methods.
  13. Countless rescue dogs needing homes and you breed a dog? I can't say what I'm thinking!
  14. Interesting article on the subject- https://tecreview.tec.mx/lirio-acuatico-mas-que-una-plaga/
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