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  1. I would ask the person who has been delivering your water.
  2. When you arrive at the vaccination module, you must present: Printed and duly completed format of the federal platform called "vaccination file" this document is downloaded from the portal https://mivacuna.salud.gob.mx/index.php Valid and official identification with photograph. (In the case of adults) For vaccination in adolescents, they must present a birth certificate with CURP or only the CURP (in addition to the official identification of the father, mother or guardian) Proof of address that proves that you live in one of the summoned municipalities (the INE can be considered as proof of address, as long as it is from the municipalities indicated for vaccination) . A pen or pen to fill in the necessary data. In the case of a second or reinforcement dose, you must also present proof of previous applications.
  3. From Gobierno de Jalisco- "Fourth dose: If you are over 60 years of age or are part of the health personnel and you received your booster more than 4 months ago, you can now go to any of the following health centers to apply your fourth dose of the vaccine with the AstraZeneca laboratory." 151 Sanitary Region 4: LA BARCA Municipality Hospital or Health Center Road or Street Outdoor Number Atotonilco Clinic Av. South 159, Col Centro Atotonilco Atotonilco Community Hospital Av. De La Fresa #9 Col San Cayetano Ayotlan Clinic Revolution #15, Col Centro The boat La Barca Regional Hospital Venus #84 Cabbage Fractionation Of The Sun The boat La Barca Health Center Warrior #174 Col Center chapala Clinic Flavio Romero De Velazco #406, Col Centro slain Clinic Morelos # 255 Cabbage Center Jamay Clinic Av 5 De Mayo # 204, Col Centro Jocotepec Esplanade Community Hospital Jocotepec Chapala Highway, Km 3 Jocotepec Jocotepec Health Center Donate War #6 Ocotlan Maternal and child Hospital Francisco Ramírez Acuña #250, Pet Col Ocotlan Ocotlan Health Center Lopez Mateos #162 Pet Cabbage Poncitlan Clinic Fernando Vargas #269, Col Santuario Tizapan Clinic Av Nacional #420, Col. Santa Ana Tototlan Clinic Insurgentes #35, Col Providencia Tuxcueca Tuxcueca Health Center National Avenue #155 Zapotlan Del Rey Zapotlan del Rey Health Center Moctezuma #2 Col. La Villa
  4. They have been available for weeks. Go to your local Centro de Salud with all the usual paperwork, including the comprobante from your last jab.
  5. Without the ability to see what is in stock at local stores, I fail to see how this would work. Also, this would not afford the shopper a secure payment platform. Maybe I'm missing something.
  6. We have always ordered from their website. It is easy and requires nothing special. WhatsApp wouldn't work at all. https://www.walmart.com.mx/inicio After you create your account, use the dropdown menu on the far left next to "Walmart" and click "Mismo Dia", sign-in, and thenyou are ready to fill your cart. It's all pretty straight forward from there. I pay with PayPal, but you can pay cash to your driver if you like or by CC.
  7. The OP is the first post, found y scrolling all the way up. The info you need(ed) is as quoted- H Wayne Renz 766 1860 taxexpat@aol.com I can make house calls. Tax papers can be forwarded to me from anywhere. Extensions can be done.
  8. Did you try the phone number in the original post? He also offered an email address if the phone numbers aren't an option.
  9. A power pole fell across the Guad/Chapala carretera near the Sane hot sauce plant. Traffic into Chapala had to be re-routed until CFE made the repair. CH, Brisas, and pretty much all of Chapala was affected. The first "gusts" sounded like a tornado, so it's no surprise that trees and power poles fell.
  10. SurtiWash on calle Pepe Guizar in Chapala. Find them on FB and you can make an appointment. Pleasant, shaded waiting area, clean baño, and good tacos close-by.
  11. Azucena Bateman-Campos is who we used to draw up the proper paperwork and determine what we needed to pay in finiquito when we discharged a house cleaner. Easy to work with, reasonably priced, and fast. She also facilitated both our Temporales y Permanentes.
  12. Would everyone like to welcome back "Eric Blair", "Clueless", or previous incarnations I might not be able to name. Personally, I would suggest to David that he let those who 1) know what actually happened recently, 2) are schooled in Mexican law, and 3) are the products of Mexican culture do their jobs without his interference. Chapala Haciendas got run through the wringer by the same attorney (F) who has been discussed on this board. They also hired the wrong firm to dig a well. Meanwhile, a global pandemic struck and we all know the disruptions this caused. They have recently hired a new, sharp, young abogado and a well educated contador who are working with the BOD to sort things out, recover some money if possible, and put us on the right track. The last thing our fracc needs is someone who is clueless- doesn't speak the language, doesn't understand the culture, is not a lawyer in Mexico, and who can't hear well enough to have heard jack squat at the AGM- mucking about and acting the know-it-all. I might add, fracc business should remain fracc business and not be thrown to the wind to see who reads it.
  13. The only one we encountered mid-week was on the far side of San Juan Tecomatlan heading to Mezcala.
  14. They stopped moving people quite a while ago.
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