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  1. Exchange? Likely yes. Refund? Not likely, but if they agree it will not be a cash refund. They will put it on a gift card.
  2. We drove in with a van packed to the roof and a carrier on top loaded with what we needed to get settled, along with 3 dogs. We had no paperwork on the goods, plenty for the dogs, but after a cursory glance at the totes we were waved through. They just laughed at the three crated Chihuahuas and never inquired about any paperwork for them either.
  3. https://www.amazon.com.mx/s?k=wart+remover&adgrpid=63478725811&gclid=Cj0KCQiA9orxBRD0ARIsAK9JDxS1vhMrwlr_h6I0USM5v9hppz94loD0vEYsuI6Rj876EMi_5dgnPfUaAjxgEALw_wcB&hvadid=303038422294&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=1010075&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=b&hvrand=12449040494419897686&hvtargid=aud-855111689894%3Akwd-10428752&hydadcr=26975_10223714&tag=googhydr0mx-20&ref=pd_sl_7hxv495noj_b
  4. Go. Find out. If that doesn't work, then Costco.
  5. I wondered about that. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  6. Time and time again people have recommended the shop near Telmex on the lateral.
  7. There is a woman making and selling very nice ramps locally. She uses yoga mats in lieu of carpet. They're cheap, washable, somewhat "sticky", and available at walmart.
  8. Whatever solution you decide on, NEVER put cloro, drano, or chemicals of any kind down your drains. If possible, have a plumber or good handyman rig your lavadora (washing machine) to drain to the street or other discreet location. The amount of water added from usual usage is enough to overburden most systems that drain slowly (all of them!). Buy some levadura (yeast) and flush 1/4- 1/2c. each month to keep your tank "digesting". Use of chemicals STOPS your system from working! And the submersible pump idea to drain greywater is a good one. Mine isn't submersible but my handyman rigged a 6' pipe to it and I simply get us very early and let it run for 1/2 hour- 1 hour. Works like a charm. NOT intended for black water, however.
  9. Elisabeth- Carla from the Legion here- Don't delay, contact Ron from Go Solar ASAP. We have a small house and no pool, but a simple and not very costly solar installation by STI is saving us an average of $3,000/mo. Other companies wanted to install twice the equipment at twice the cost, taking twice as long to recoup our installation costs! Ron is great to deal with, extremely knowledgeable, his crew was the best. Look at solar hot water, too. We love ours and again, the savings in gas start immediately and are substantial.
  10. The wood shop on the lateral across and slightly down from Soriana. The owner speaks English and is very easy to work with. Avenida Madero 571, Chapala Centro, 45900 Chapala, Jal. Phone: 376 765 2404
  11. Poor translation, but if you're headed to the airport, give yourself extra time. "If you travel by road to Chapala, take precautions, you will report heavy traffic by check of the cargo transportation verification program near the Guadalajara airport."
  12. Look on FB for Catherine Clare Blythe (spelling may be wrong). She is the admin of Gringos Ajijic. She's made the run many times and pet friendly.
  13. As vista lake stated, the receipt is as good as the sticker until they have them.
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