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  1. I had an AT&T iPhone for the 10 years I lived there. My kids could call me from the US just I was back there. Plus when I'd visit the US of course it worked fine. Never any roaming charges.
  2. Jesus rode his ### into Jerusalem ... keep your ### at home!
  3. Be advised that if you advertise anything for sale on this webboard, it will be hijacked and printed in the El Ojo Del Lago without your approval or consent! I PURPOSELY did not want to advertise in El Ojo Del Lago because it is not timely. I am now being contacted by several readers regarding this ad and the item listed was sold before the magazine was even published. Thought you might like to know.
  4. There is a ringroad to the east called Siglo XXI. It's a four lane divided roadway that was recommended to me by Rick (on this board) who knows his stuff. We'll be taking it next month.
  5. Can anyone give me details on where to turn in my TIP at Santa Teresa crossing? Gracias.
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