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  1. IN Canada,we have a PVR receiver in our living room ,connected to the SHAWDIRECT satellite connected #1.....AND a secondary receiver in our bedroom connected to the satellite dish connecter #2. We subscribe to just the basics,and have paid for the two receivers ....but we ONLY BRING TO MEXICO our bedroom receiver.It is connected to TWO dishes on our cash rooftop,and was aimed directly at SHAW's original two satellites for the past 3 winters.We have left the PVR back home connected as it would be normally during the six months in Canada! SHAW is not losing a customer....and a friendly rep. For SHAW said "if you have a technical problem with your receiver....don't expect us to send a service tech. To repair it"! THERE ARE WELL QUALIFIED satellite technicians in Mexico very familiar with setting up SHAW receivers.Our guy in the Yucatan orders dozens of the Sat.Dish receiver heads from Canadian distributors.... We bring the bedroom receiver with us when we return to Canada or Mexico....and just watched Toronto lose to Boston last night...boo hoo! Over the years....we understand that many Lake Chapala expats ...have hailed from Algoma District (Lake Superior country)...Often wondered how C.of L. Compared there to the Yucatan Penninsula ? Last week...our weather peaked at 42c.....very humid.
  2. Leave your main PVR modem/receiver in your livingroom back home in Canada.Just take your 2nd modem from your bedroom setup.(thereby...no interruption in domestic service)...to your winter home in Southern USA or Northern Mexico.Hire a satellite installations firm to set you up with the dish or dishes,to home in on at least two of the three Shawdirect satellites. Since you are continuing to pay for your monthly Shawdirect service as you normally do....the saellite set up on your southern casa roof...just needs a little tweaking on the secondary receiver you've brought down from Canada.Click on signal strength etc. and refresh. You'll be receving your homebased programming as usual...except your "bedroom" receiver...is now in the deep south.Just can't complain to Shaw service people...who aren't able to run down to do any thing involving hands on maintenance.
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